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June 12, 2014

Welcome Marie

Little Marie here decided she needed to come early; at night on
the 23rd we went to the hospital, my blood pressure spiked and
the docs decided I was going to have the baby now; 37 and a half
weeks is as good a time as any. We are doing well if generally
lacking in sleep and concentration.

My dad took this picture for us on the day after she was born.

If you hear nothing from me for quite some while this is why. :)

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May 23, 2014

color film outtakes

Susie is now nearly fourteen.

Some flowers; my birthday fell on the same day as muses this year...

And I took the streetcar downtown that day to meet Clay after work
which entailed an amount of walking I cannot currently manage.

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May 04, 2014

marconi rail bridge flowers

Does someone remember the proper name of this bridge?

I drive under them every day, but remembering to stop and get a
picture before they get destroyed in the graffiti/gray war is
difficult. I was hunting for some distraction while my dad was
in the hospital back in February and attempting to use up a roll
of 100-speed before carnival (where there is so much motion it
is useless) and stopped here one afternoon before heading across
the lake to visit my parents.

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April 03, 2014


This is from just before the surprise hiding under the coat had
started to really show. In the sculpture garden at city park,
trying to burn through a roll of Fuji 100 speed before Mardi Gras.

If I can get my act together I'll post the Intro to CUDA presentation
I did last fall to sub for someone's class?

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March 04, 2014

happy mardi gras

It is cold, wet, and rainy outside, as it was when we
did light painting on new year's with sparklers and film.

I did not even get the film camera out of the case, that's
how bad the weather is. But I did have on a fabulous
ballgown under all the layers.

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December 31, 2013

last call

But this might be my favorite picture from Big Sur.
Pacific to the left. One day we'll go in a better car.

Much has happened, and more is ongoing. To 2014!

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