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December 31, 2018


This time it was Marie's turn to take the mirror sculpture selfie with my favorite film camera. Nikkormat FT, Kodak Tmax 400, Besthoff Sculpture Garden. This is from Museum day.

I have a collection of these starting with the surprise hiding under the coat.

Happy New Year.

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December 26, 2018


There is so much. But this fall, we bought a house and sold the truck. Our dear Patches, the 1962 Chevy C-10.

We did keep it around long enough for M to help try to get it back to life; we were trying to get it running. She gets to remember that, being a tool helper and learning to identify all the parts under the hood. I'm not quite sure that she's parsed that it's not here with us; it was a fixture at the old house instead of something that moved.

As they say in the listings...Ran when parked. Doesn't mean it's going to when you try to start it again. It went to a friend-of-a-friend of the family instead of to scrap.

Goodbye old friend.

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