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April 03, 2014


This is from just before the surprise hiding under the coat had
started to really show. In the sculpture garden at city park,
trying to burn through a roll of Fuji 100 speed before Mardi Gras.

If I can get my act together I'll post the Intro to CUDA presentation
I did last fall to sub for someone's class?

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March 04, 2014

happy mardi gras

It is cold, wet, and rainy outside, as it was when we
did light painting on new year's with sparklers and film.

I did not even get the film camera out of the case, that's
how bad the weather is. But I did have on a fabulous
ballgown under all the layers.

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December 31, 2013

last call

But this might be my favorite picture from Big Sur.
Pacific to the left. One day we'll go in a better car.

Much has happened, and more is ongoing. To 2014!

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