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January 31, 2003

universe 12 million, candice 0

If you thought I was bitter before...

This evening on my drive home from my last
day of work, upon which I'd gotten paid a
scant amount of money, I hit some french
speaking doofus left-turning-on-red into
my lane going onto the overpass that turns
into mount hope. The airbags stung and
screwed up my glasses and somewhat my left

Fucking lovely.

Much thanks to bob for picking me up, sandra
for not minding, sercu for taking me to get
food and everyone else for talking to me.

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January 28, 2003


SunOS leather 5.9 sun4m sparc SUNW,SPARCstation-20

Status of processor 0 as of: 01/28/2003 22:28:03
Processor has been on-line since 01/28/2003 19:23:45.
The sparc processor operates at 75 MHz,
and has a sparc floating point processor.
Status of processor 2 as of: 01/28/2003 22:28:03
Processor has been on-line since 01/28/2003 19:23:49.
The sparc processor operates at 75 MHz,
and has a sparc floating point processor.

Took long enough to get around to this one. I think
my soul needs new wallpaper, it would make it less
dark around here. Off for beer and peanutbutterjelly.
music: Tahiti 80: Wallpaper for the soul

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January 26, 2003


Where'd the cheese go?, courtesy josh's weblog.

No news, why do you ask?

music: Doves: Far from grace,

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european music...

Smolik is polish and synthpoppy, while Ugress is
norwegian, somewhat industrial and gothish, and
Tahiti 80 is rock-ish with electronic undertones
and somewhat doves-like from french guys. Most
of the related webpages are in foreign languages.

My car stereo dislikes Mike Felice.
music: Duran Duran: A View to a Kill

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January 22, 2003

security drivel

"Reading Bugtraq is a lot like reading Nietzsche:
there's a difference between what the words on the
page mean literally and what the author expects the
enlightened reader to understand." --Jon Lasser

Found while looking for this ts/134"">strikeback piece.

Which is all to complement this intrusions/2003/01/msg00123.html"">set de/archive/intrusions/2003/01/msg00177.html"">of list .uni-stuttgart.de/archive/intrusions/2003/01/msg00198.html"">threads.

If we work hard enough with email we can get
roadrunner to scan the whole intarweb.

music: RJD2: Dead Ringer

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January 21, 2003

happy drinks

Sugarfree redbull rules. It does not taste like
diet drinks, it just tastes less sweet than regular
biting sharp sugary redbull.

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January 20, 2003

Someone needs to rig this

Someone needs to rig this song into the vader."

music: osymyso: intro introspection

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January 17, 2003

Somebody sacrifice me to the

Somebody sacrifice me to the apathy gods, I'm done.

music: Depeche Mode: Little 15

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January 13, 2003

which is worse?

the old gemc_cc compiler on DU 4.0F that doesn't
recognize #ifdef out of column 0, or openssh's
code for putting #ifdef's tabbed in? (Because
well, linking against heimdal just won't do.
music: Kraftwerk: Radioactivity

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January 10, 2003

hello bruises :(

Slipped and fell on the ice tonight walking
out to my car. I so need to skip town to
somewhere warmer.

random junk of note. +inbox got rolled over
on the new year, +posted went over 1000 sometime
in december and I barely noticed. yay mh.

music: Doves: Far from grace

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time killing devices

I've got a candice-news page now. Culled from
RSSNews, mailing lists, a
nd random browsing.
News page and sd.org/rss.xml"">RSS feed, and it's listed near
the end of RSSNews' current offerings."

music: Pulp: Common People

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January 05, 2003

the drive

It was mostly boring. Talked on a few brief
phone calls, glad people care that I'm alive
and stuff like that. The stereo quit flaking
for a while so I got plenty of music in...

music day one:
rjd2-dead ringer
basement jaxx-rooty
basement jaxx-remedy
massive attack-100th window
goldfrapp-felt mountain
the avalanches-since i left you
curve-(mixed singles)
royksopp-melody a.m.
doves-last broadcast
the doors-morrison hotel
nin-closer 2-disc

music day two:
faithless-sunday 8pm remixes
basement jaxx-rooty
soda stereo-sueno stereo
juno reactor-beyond the infinite
massive attack-mezzanine

music: Gary Numan: Cars

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January 04, 2003

on the way out...

Leaving here probably around noon, and starting
on the long long drive home. Should be back on
the radar Sunday night. Short version about
new year's eve: got drunk, had fun. Long version
is quite a bit more complicated. Must pack away
laptop and stuff now, bye.

music: dirty vegas: days go by

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