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February 28, 2003

friendly skies indeed

Service to Newark. Classy.

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February 26, 2003

Thank you mozilla, for managing

Thank you mozilla, for managing to not suck when
freshly installed on my old linux laptop.

Random Picture Directory

music: 2 many dj's (radio soulwax) part 1

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Fear the Superworm

Wow. Scare tactic advertising at its best.

music: Doors: Ship of Fools

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Lux is nifty.

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February 24, 2003


Related artists and associated nonsense, done
by a little strange AI learning algorithm. Add your
own input to its database and it will suggest
artists for you to listen to.

Been scumming around for bootleg remix tracks.
music: Basement Jaxx: We R Computa

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fear of pop

wrong and scary: ben folds+william shatner

music: Ugress: Loungemeister

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February 22, 2003


(Ignoring alt.comp.boo.boo.broke.puter)
(Ignoring alt.comp.linux.xxx)
(Ignoring alt.comp.hardware.stampanti)

Nothing to see here, move along...

music: Doors: Hello, I love you

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February 21, 2003

small and black

my new car.

Now if only I could be less paranoid about traffic.

music: Slowdive: Ballad of Sister Sue

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Nigerian diplomat killed

Czech man wants his money

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I saw a player-piano.

At the wegmans in Canandaigua. Their little cafe has
a player-piano that runs off of cds and it has a wine bar.
I'm not sure exactly why I was at that particular wegmans
at 1am last night, but I'm not going to question that stuff

Lifestyles of the unemployed.

music: Ladytron: Seventeen

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February 19, 2003

In Passing...

www.inpassing.org is where this anonymous Berkeley
girl posts amusing bits of overheard conversation.

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there is no champagne in the ...

Thank you Pennsylvania.

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AP should know better...

"In 2001, Google bought the Usenet discussion forums."

Nooooooo. It's bad enough having actual journalism contain
the word "blog". Must stop twitching.

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Not A Sausage

Hopefully this will be the last time skirt will crash for a while.
The previous most-annoying-outage, also due to hardware
failure was when the "trap domain" got hit by Fark, at which
point I discovered that /usr/local was on a very unhappy
hard disk. Spliced in a new power supply fan that actually
sounds nice, and then got to find a dead swap drive.

music: Basement Jaxx: Rendez Vu

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February 18, 2003


Questions I should not have to ask:
Why are you playing cellphone games on the shitter?
"If I had a pda I'd use it to play more complex games on the shitter."
Thank you Jon Heise.

skirt's powersupply fan went flaky today, took it apart and whacked
on it, and it decided to magically work again.

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hell frozen over

They plowed the street that I live on the same day that
it snowed. Maybe 4+inches on the road was enough
for the plow contractors to start working overtime?

I hate snow. Somehow or other I lost my hat while
it was in my car, and while looking for it, found a
pair of gloves. Still can't find the hat.

music: New Order: Regret

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February 17, 2003

music, etc.

Persephone's Bees, catchy stuff, wish there was more
of it out there.

It's been cold, I still have a dead pc so I've had to go
back to using my laptop all day. Valentine's day
was a meeting of the Bitter Alcoholics Club at several
Rochester bars that night. Lux was kinda neat, they had
heart stickers and sharpies close to the door for anyone
that wanted to make valentines. (And for the second
night in a row, I walked from near The Old Toad to Marks'
because we were all too stupid to drive.)

music: The Avalanches: Live at Dominoes
music: Dot Allison: We're only science

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February 16, 2003

open for business

It looks presentable now, I've still got to hack around a
little to make it tolerable in Netscape, but it'll do. Now to
convert a couple of years of livejournal entries so that I
don't have to rely on their shit.

This post powered by king cake and coffee.

music: Duran Duran: A view to a kill

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February 15, 2003

evil red day.

Alcohol. Yeah.

Very, very bad day, most of it unrelated to valentines' at all.

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February 14, 2003

car accidents

3 of us from January 31st to February 13th. Bad luck abounds.

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February 13, 2003

random pile

Reasons to not like the three posts and other
related bullshit; I prefer short coherent
single topic posts to long multi-topic ones.

For some reason right now I want to play Elvira.

Bought a car to replace the accord. It's a '92
civic si, 5-speed manual, black hatchback.
Lately has been adventures in learning stick.

Mom is sending me a king cake, it should be
here on friday, comment if you want any of it.

Have to make sure RIT pays me tomorrow, and
managed to get my tax refund already, thanks
to the power of the IntarWeb.

Other than that? Depressed and bummed out
for all sorts of reasons. I need people to
get drunk with on Valentines' Day.

music: Air: Le soleil est pres de moi

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February 04, 2003


I dreamed that my coffeepot had caught fire last
night. Somehow or other that's the only bit I
remember out of the dream.

music: Morphine: Buena

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and it was the airbags...

She's totaled. Poor car. Other guys' insurance
is offering me a check as soon as I can come up
with a title.

music: Ladytron: Ladybird

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February 01, 2003

I need a drink...

Temporarily fixed my glasses so that I can see
more than a foot in front of me, and I'm very
very sore from yesterday's situation, not to
mention incredibly annoyed at not having a car.

Susie killed my pc last night while I was
out finding something to eat, she knocked it over
trying to get something behind it, while the
processors came unseated and one of the heatsinks
fell off. It doesn't POST.

(mind you, it doesn't -do- anything besides sit
around and burn music cds for me, but now I get
to dread the thought of burning audio in cdrecord.)

music: some new order mix on a friend's stream

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