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February 13, 2003

random pile

Reasons to not like the three posts and other
related bullshit; I prefer short coherent
single topic posts to long multi-topic ones.

For some reason right now I want to play Elvira.

Bought a car to replace the accord. It's a '92
civic si, 5-speed manual, black hatchback.
Lately has been adventures in learning stick.

Mom is sending me a king cake, it should be
here on friday, comment if you want any of it.

Have to make sure RIT pays me tomorrow, and
managed to get my tax refund already, thanks
to the power of the IntarWeb.

Other than that? Depressed and bummed out
for all sorts of reasons. I need people to
get drunk with on Valentines' Day.

music: Air: Le soleil est pres de moi

candice at February 13, 2003 01:04 PM


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