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March 28, 2003


Maybe it's the orange walls in the room, but this song just
keeps coming back to haunt me from the playlist in XMMS.

music: Boards of Canada: Aquarius

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March 27, 2003

No Ketchup for You!

I saw this article about French chefs not serving ketchup,
and my thoughts wandered off in the direction of wondering
"Why don't they ban Las Ketchup too, while they're at it."

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1984 anyone?

The Memory Hole is one of my favorite sites for
finding out about interesting omissions in the media.
They posted recently something that reminds me of
the Ministry of Truth, on White House press office
revising quotes before allowing reporters
to publish information.

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March 24, 2003

trap domain

So for a while I had this little source of amusement called
capalert.org. It contained a two-sentence statement (and
later, a link back to egobsd, after Fark called me a guy
because no-one did a whois on the domain.) I got around
to processing the log files. Share and Enjoy.

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March 19, 2003


Because we're at war: blog from the ground, in Baghdad.

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The Intar-Web

Mr. I Invented the Internet is joining the Board at Apple.

Gore, who also serves as a senior advisor to Google,
is "an avid Mac user and does his own video editing in
Final Cut Pro," according to Apple CEO Steve Jobs

music: Laptop: Don't try this at home

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What Would Jesus Eat cookbook at the local healthfood store.

No, I'm not in the south, I swear.

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March 17, 2003

music from driving

ministry: animositisomina
cure: staring at the sea
depeche mode: people are people
depeche mode: music for the masses
fluke: risotto
cake: comfort eagle
morphine: cure for pain
morphine: good
garbage: beautiful garbage
garbage: garbage
juno reactor: beyond the infinite

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March 16, 2003


So I wore sandals today.

Yesterday I drove about 920 miles: Columbus, OH to
Covington, LA. An I Listened to This Crap post will be
in the works whenever i get my cds out of the car.

Best license plate ever, on a baby-blue cadillac with a
gold-chain license plate holder: 1 TRICK. Didn't see
too much along the lines of weird stuff this trip. Just
tried to put things behind me and drive and drive.

I'm sleeping in the room that used to be mine when I
lived in this house. It's strange because it belonged
to my sister for the last couple of years. It has a comfy
futon now and a sean connery (from russia with love)
poster on the wall. It's also pale orange with lots of
japanese-type junk on the walls.

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March 11, 2003

70s crafts into the present

Crochet Thongs. That cannot be comfortable.

music: magic cornflake: prodigy vs britney, breathe one more time

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March 10, 2003


I just found liquor from Toga. Wow.

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March 08, 2003


Someone at SCO had a few good ideas, really. Let's all go
and sue IBM because we want to make money from
our inherited Unix patents. "Linux couldn't possibly have
gotten this good without incorporating real Unix source code!"

Didn't we go through this with BSD a few years ago?

music: Cassius: Protection

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March 07, 2003

minivan of pews

"Ralph's Pews and Church Furniture." was just on the
phone with my mother, and she's like, this minivan just
drove by, and it's filled with pews!

In other news. Operation Get Out of Rochester is in
progress. I will be gone by the end of next week. Mom
offered to get new orleans-y cajun-y food stuff to send
up for whoever helps me move.

music: Andrea Doria: Bucci Bag

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March 06, 2003


What Would Genghis Do? is a lovely piece of speculation
regarding our New Roman Empire.

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118,000 users connected simultaneously having no lives.
They've managed to grow about as big a following as the major
IRC networks, in an overgrown MUD.

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March 02, 2003

damned french bootlegs

Joe le taxi
C'est sa vie
Le rhum au mambo
Il est comme ca

hayano with jurgen paape & the jets:
joe le taxi & crush on you

Thank you soulwax. I spent the part of my evening
when trying not to sing lyrics I hardly know in french
arguing with my alpha (oh yeah, that goes back years)
and slumming on usenet for yet more music.

Back to having no life whatsoever this weekend.

music: New Order: Blue Monday

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March 01, 2003


I almost wore this new pink shirt today. I decided not
to give my dear local friends a heart attack if they saw
me today. (Case of reference; when my picture ended
up in the CSH article in Yahoo Internet Life (oh my god,
such a bad article in a bad magazine) the first thing my
friends said was: "Candice, what on earth are you doing
wearing YELLOW.".) Been listening to a bunch of
Soulwax, some Cornershop, Ladytron and Slowdive.
I need my burner operational again.

(No links. Just babble.)

music: Felix Da Housecat: Silver Screen Shower Scene

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