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April 28, 2003


Decided to go higher-end on the stereo, I have an eclipse
that does mp3s now that gets installed tomorrow. Was
supposed to be able to buy something for the civic months
ago, but things happen.

Saturday was downright weird. Caught up with a bunch
of gifties, some that I knew and some that I didn't, roamed
around lsu and baton rouge with the lin clones, much needed
getting-out-of-house stuff.

"You're sitting in a Lin sandwich"
"Well, dear, at least I'm not Neli."

music: mtv. That damn evanescence video again.

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my tv is possessed.

I'm really not kidding here. My parents' main TV won't
turn off. We hit power on the remote or by sticking a
chopstick into the button slot (the power button fell into
the TV ages ago), it turns off, then it turns itself back on.
At one point it turned itself off and then back on as well.

"Maybe it thinks we don't watch it enough."

music: Psycho VH1 Kittens over Karma Chameleon.

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April 24, 2003


on a license plate. I so wish I hadn't seen that. It makes
my license plates look not geeky. (And on the subject of
entirely too geeky, looking at a tshirt that has the contra
cheat on it, and realizing that they got it wrong, is pathetic.)

music: Dntel: Suddenly is sooner than you think

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April 23, 2003

music loot

So Wherehouse Music is rapidly going out of business all
over the place. Today I noticed the "Last Day" sale at
the one in Lakeside, and picked up four cds for $0.75 each.

Neil Finn & Friends: 7 Worlds Collide
O.A.R: Risen
Ours: Precious
Theatre of Tragedy: Assembly

Then I remembered, oh yeah, there's another wherehouse
just down Veterans from here, let's see how good its close
down sale is. These were slightly more, grand total $11.80
before tax for all four.

Die Krupps: Fatherland
Elbow: Asleep in the back
Meat Beat Manifesto: R.U.O.K.
Tahiti 80: Wallpaper for the soul

Can't beat that with a stick. The intent today was to go
clothes shopping and I came out pretty well with end-of-winter
clearance stuff. (I wear lots of black. Best time of year to
buy black clothes is the spring.) I need to lose 10 more
pounds so that I can get away from the 8/10 size border,
then I won't have to pick up two sizes of every pair of
pants I want to try on.

music: Ours: Outside

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April 21, 2003


I just had a crumpet. It was surprisingly unlike an "English
Muffin" in that it was good. The new speakers make my car
sound vastly better than it did before. I won't hear the
engine for weeks at this rate.

music: Bergheim 34: Random Access Memory

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rambling audio

Somewhere in my wanderings in the last week I noticed
that they sell everclear at the grocery stores here.

Played a game of "take the car apart" to investigate my
speakers this weekend, and found out that the front set
is actually not shot, but just needed to be glued back
together, saving me a bunch. Bought some infinitys to
replace the rear speakers today, going to put them in
later. Then I will resume drooling over and putting off
buying the eclipse cd+mp3cd player I played with at a
local stereo shop.

Been toying around on di.fm streams today.

music: Andy B. Jones: In Motion (arrowhead remix)

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April 15, 2003

the genome

Blah blah Brave New World, blah blah Eugenics blah...
They're finished with it.

music: Neu!: Hallogallo

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shiny noisemaker

Stereo that I'm looking at for my civic. It's stock
one is in need of serious help, and I'm probably going to
need new speakers once I get the receiver in.

music: Can: Bring me coffee or tea

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April 13, 2003

Kung Faux!

So now that I'm at this house with satellite dish I've gone
and gotten re-addicted to music video channels. Much
Music USA has been playing these episodes of Kung Faux
which are basically remixed dubbed bad kung fu movies.
Great stuff. Can be watched online at heavy.com with
windows media and flash and such nonsense.

(Yes, candice is using a pc. This is -why- I have one.)

music: Curve: Cuckoo

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So Solaris on x86 is brand new?

Last year Sun made the choice to support non-SPARC
processor architectures - most notably x86.
Okay now,
so I'm hallucinating my copy of Solaris 2.6/intel, and other
people are imagining Solaris 2.5.1/ppc, and related ventures?

music: The Roots: Seed 2.0

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"We are fairly convinced that people buy the optical mouse
because it glows," said Guerrino De Luca, CEO of Logitech.

music: Alden Tyrell: Phaze Me

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April 12, 2003

That's Morality!

So now, we can pay kids to recite the ten commandments
like proper religious zombies. Yay. According to Fucked
they've run out of cash.

CAPalert was doing some serious begging a while
back along similar lines. Help us Save the Children!

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April 11, 2003

bad days in Natchitoches

First a shooting that made CNN and got the anchors stumbling
over the town's name, and now sex crimes at Natchitoches
Central. (No CNN link, the article's gone and disappeared.)

music: mtv2

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April 09, 2003

sound familiar?

Intel officials, from CEO Paul Otellini and down, have argued
that most desktops won't need more than 4GB of RAM...

music: Underworld: Cowgirl

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at home

"Dog, let's go get away from the Beatles."

Took susie to the lakefront on this pretend-cold day because
my mother was cleaning, it was nice and empty.

Nothing to see here, move along. When there is news,
I will tell you.

music: Eels: Dirty Girl

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April 05, 2003

on max headroom

"Pictures don't lie" - thinking in the terms of these Photoshop
enlightened times, is such a funny statement.

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Fight Science with Concrete

But they will be laser-guided 1,000lb blocks of concrete,
capable of destroying a tank or artillery piece, but without
causing a devastating explosion that would put civilians at
risk and shatter surrounding buildings

(still typing vi commands into textboxes. sigh.)

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April 04, 2003


I'd just like to point out for my wonderful northern-based
friends that it was 85 degrees here today.

Aside from that? I have a stomach full of sushi, get to go
to two crawfish boils this weekend, and have entirely too
much time to think.

music: Goldfrapp: Hairy Trees

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