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April 23, 2003

music loot

So Wherehouse Music is rapidly going out of business all
over the place. Today I noticed the "Last Day" sale at
the one in Lakeside, and picked up four cds for $0.75 each.

Neil Finn & Friends: 7 Worlds Collide
O.A.R: Risen
Ours: Precious
Theatre of Tragedy: Assembly

Then I remembered, oh yeah, there's another wherehouse
just down Veterans from here, let's see how good its close
down sale is. These were slightly more, grand total $11.80
before tax for all four.

Die Krupps: Fatherland
Elbow: Asleep in the back
Meat Beat Manifesto: R.U.O.K.
Tahiti 80: Wallpaper for the soul

Can't beat that with a stick. The intent today was to go
clothes shopping and I came out pretty well with end-of-winter
clearance stuff. (I wear lots of black. Best time of year to
buy black clothes is the spring.) I need to lose 10 more
pounds so that I can get away from the 8/10 size border,
then I won't have to pick up two sizes of every pair of
pants I want to try on.

music: Ours: Outside

candice at April 23, 2003 10:28 PM


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