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May 04, 2003

adventures with drunk dog.

Susie went to the vet to get spayed on Friday.

What we found out when we went to pick her up was that
she had an infected uterus, so this means even more pain
for dear puppydog. Spent most of last night staying up
watching the dog, today she can walk straight and wanted
to go ride in the car and play outside. Poor dog is obviously
annoyed at not being able to jump up, and is probably not
liking the sedatives either.

Not much otherwise, I need to go shopping for a swimsuit
as well as jeans and everything else. Got to go swimming
today for the first time in ages. 79 degree water isn't too
bad for May. In July that's a different story.

music: Handsome boy modeling school.

candice at May 4, 2003 03:22 AM


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