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May 28, 2003

news nonsense.

aussie stock exchange fire

wireless smart-card

Paris wi-fi net

novell to sco: get your foot out of your mouth

Japanese eSuicide

music: Dalek: Speak Volumes

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more invented phrases

Novell: we already dealt with a big honking lawsuit over
this nonsense before we sold it to you. And go check
your patents.

Now. Looking at the above article, near the end, someone's
gone off and worshipped at the church of Eric Raymond the
, he talks about "Genetic Unix", Unix derived
from original AT&T code. Someone shoot me, for I know
some of what Unix-trademark licensing entails at the
moment, and trademark != contains source code. It
may even be true that you can be Unix without containing
-any- original AT&T code.

And this: BSD, an open source genetic Unix, but not a
trademark Unix, which now has three variants of its own.

Okay there, sparky. Our current three Open Source
variations are total rewrites, and incorporate no original
copyrighted code. History's in the lawsuits of the early 90s.
He's also leaving out fun stuff like 4.4-lite, NET/32, the
releases that led to our modern BSD circus. Saying it only
has three variants is a bit ignorant. Even those aside, BSDi
has been trying to convince us we need commercial BSD for
years, so that's four current variants.

I'll stop now.

music: Electric Six: Danger! High Voltage

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May 27, 2003

less paranoia

They found him. This stuff was making -me- paranoid,
and I'm the one who's walked around Manhattan by herself
at night, armed with cigarettes and a trenchcoat.

music: Tears for Fears: Head over heels

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May 22, 2003

alligator and news

I had some fried alligator for supper tonight. Didn't really
taste like chicken, actually. Onward:

FBI does prints on the NYSE

"one hundred gigabit on computers"

IBM says "you can't revoke that"

wireless zones in the uk

LifeLog. 1984, here we come

Hotspot in a box!

playboy comes to 3g

music: Custom Blue: One more dub

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rss scumming

russia will sell anything

we'll clean up the nyse, really

Silicon Sahara

wi-fi calling

adobe buys cooledit pro

IT Asbestos!

music: Laibach: Geiburt Einer Nation

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I can drive stick in heels.

I've been doing some unix consluting lately. Better to
dress up and make money than sit here bored. Putting
up with Baton Rouge traffic from hell with flaky AC in
the car wears on my nerves, though.

Saw some happy numbers on the scale this morning,
current tally is 12 pounds lost since I've been here, on
top of the 23 since early 2002. (aka, the last time I
remember being on a scale before I started losing
weight.) I may buy new jeans yet.

Sometime this week I've got to go find the cash to
become a Louisiana resident again, and face the dreaded
spectre of car insurance. I hate white mercury sables
and foreigners driving jettas. I do like my civic, it does
alright for getting bought in such a hurry.

music: The New Pornographers: July Jones

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May 20, 2003

news batch

May as well post this nonsense here, too.

Verizon using wireless to ward off cable

aibo news!

gateway should have stuck to mail-order

more money worldcom doesn't have

it was a honeypot!

Death for spreading SARS

IM on a PS2

pay for wi-fi with cellular

3com moves East

frequent flier paypal credit

amazon and safe harbor

death to MS Passport

uk woman kills her husband's mistress

ircop's fizzer fixing covered by cnet

"cyber"-crime crackdown

music: Cassius: Under Influence

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May 16, 2003

on that surreal thread.

Driving into the french quarter last Friday night, I saw a
real jazz funeral walking down the street. I didn't know
they still did those. (Reference: The James Bond movie
set in New Orleans, tarot girl, alligators.) People dancing
in the street, even the guys carrying the casket.

music: The Kills: Fried my little brains

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I know, I don't post. You know I read my logs.

Now that that's out of the way... Stuff's been kinda surreal
lately. I found myself in a bar with the first principal of
Higgins High on the westbank last weekend. Took some
Rochester people on a little French Quarter tour. "Here's
how to not act like an evil tourist, and here's where to
look for good food."

Been reading online a lot. Got hooked on the black table,
and as usual reading the diary on moby.com. Scrabble
and hookers!

Got really bored and ripped all my cds so that I can play
them in the car without losing and scratching them and
stuff. Still not bored enough to sort my mail, though. :)

music: Joe le taxi y par partout, marche par au soda...

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May 06, 2003

louisiana bits

Here you see boats abandoned on the side of the interstate.

"I was driving Airline Highway to Baton Rouge the other day,
it's a lot more rustic and stuff, with people fishing on the side
of the road. It looks the same as it did 20 years ago, guys
sitting there on an upside-down bucket, with a pole cast out
into a canal. The only difference now is that they're talking
on a cell phone." -my dad

Reminds me of the night Egon and I saw some hood on a
bicycle on 15 at 2am, talking on his cellphone.

"Okay, so one day I was sitting in traffic, drinking a beer when
I could feel someone watching me, I look next to me and it's
a cop, I start to panic and he's like, roll down your window.
'Don't worry, I ain't gonna write you a ticket, I just wanna cut
in front of ya.' " -my uncle, on new orleans

Open container? Hah.

music: Boards of Canada: The beach at redpoint

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May 04, 2003

adventures with drunk dog.

Susie went to the vet to get spayed on Friday.

What we found out when we went to pick her up was that
she had an infected uterus, so this means even more pain
for dear puppydog. Spent most of last night staying up
watching the dog, today she can walk straight and wanted
to go ride in the car and play outside. Poor dog is obviously
annoyed at not being able to jump up, and is probably not
liking the sedatives either.

Not much otherwise, I need to go shopping for a swimsuit
as well as jeans and everything else. Got to go swimming
today for the first time in ages. 79 degree water isn't too
bad for May. In July that's a different story.

music: Handsome boy modeling school.

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May 01, 2003

on the mexican radio...

So. Those of you in my loyal viewing audience that have
ever ridden anywhere in my car know that I'm an ADD
freak when it comes to channel-switching and listening,
not listening, and skipping commercials. Now my nice
little car has an mp3 player. Sweet! 700mb of indecision!

Though really. I love my new stereo, sounds wonderful,
skips through mp3s at a decent rate, reads joliet and id3
tags like a charm. Can't go wrong with 300+ albums in
a cd wallet.

music: DJ Shadow: Six Days

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Night&Weekend Minutes

The cellphone-carrying public tends to have lots of "free"
or "1000+" night-time minutes to spare. Go make someone's
day a little more surreal. Call their local payphone.

Gotta love memepool.

music: Modjo: Too good to be true

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