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May 06, 2003

louisiana bits

Here you see boats abandoned on the side of the interstate.

"I was driving Airline Highway to Baton Rouge the other day,
it's a lot more rustic and stuff, with people fishing on the side
of the road. It looks the same as it did 20 years ago, guys
sitting there on an upside-down bucket, with a pole cast out
into a canal. The only difference now is that they're talking
on a cell phone." -my dad

Reminds me of the night Egon and I saw some hood on a
bicycle on 15 at 2am, talking on his cellphone.

"Okay, so one day I was sitting in traffic, drinking a beer when
I could feel someone watching me, I look next to me and it's
a cop, I start to panic and he's like, roll down your window.
'Don't worry, I ain't gonna write you a ticket, I just wanna cut
in front of ya.' " -my uncle, on new orleans

Open container? Hah.

music: Boards of Canada: The beach at redpoint

candice at May 6, 2003 12:24 AM


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