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May 28, 2003

more invented phrases

Novell: we already dealt with a big honking lawsuit over
this nonsense before we sold it to you. And go check
your patents.

Now. Looking at the above article, near the end, someone's
gone off and worshipped at the church of Eric Raymond the
, he talks about "Genetic Unix", Unix derived
from original AT&T code. Someone shoot me, for I know
some of what Unix-trademark licensing entails at the
moment, and trademark != contains source code. It
may even be true that you can be Unix without containing
-any- original AT&T code.

And this: BSD, an open source genetic Unix, but not a
trademark Unix, which now has three variants of its own.

Okay there, sparky. Our current three Open Source
variations are total rewrites, and incorporate no original
copyrighted code. History's in the lawsuits of the early 90s.
He's also leaving out fun stuff like 4.4-lite, NET/32, the
releases that led to our modern BSD circus. Saying it only
has three variants is a bit ignorant. Even those aside, BSDi
has been trying to convince us we need commercial BSD for
years, so that's four current variants.

I'll stop now.

music: Electric Six: Danger! High Voltage

candice at May 28, 2003 10:10 PM


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