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July 23, 2003

file under silly

Or brave, whichever you feel like.

1 kitchen, preferably past 1am.
a song or two playing or stuck in my head.
Candice dancing like an idiot.

I've been 'formally' dancing since 1983. 20 years in August.
In a box somewhere in this house are my first costumes,
ballet shoes and tap shoes. In between then and now I've
done strange, strange things. All in the name of art.

You have no idea how hard it is to stand up on stage with
a whip with a straight face until you're up there, knowing
full well your friends in the audience are giggling at you in
pink tights, black knee-high platforms, a dress which will go
unmentioned, i'll just say pink and purple were involved,
and a mirrored pink top hat. And a whip. Which is about
a foot and a half too long for me to easily crack against
the stage like I'm supposed to. Strutting on a box-like
thing built into a stage full of stairs.

And the time I went to company class at 10am on a cold
saturday morning, hung over, in the infamous bright red
leotard. Got singled out because apparently I was doing
a good job of fucking up and going on without stopping.
All by myself in front of an audience of 40 other dancers.
Oh yeah. This one was on camera for someone's film
project. I ran into people later that year saying "Hey
Candice I saw you on film dancing, that's cool."

All spurred off by me trying to dance like Shakira at 1am.

music: beyonce on vh1. great hook to that song.

candice at July 23, 2003 02:03 AM


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