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July 06, 2003

headache haze

Lots to say, no words ever seem to come to mind.

I sit here wearing a scarf around my head that's far older
than I am, belonged to my great-grandmother whose
friend brought it from Italy many moons ago. (For the
rochester-folk: the purple and blue thing.) On my left
hand rings from grandmother and great-great-aunt.
And I've never really been sure why. A couple of
people have told me over the years that I wear jewelry
very well. I just wear stuff when it calls out to be put
on that morning.

I sit here, afraid of fortune-telling, not wanting to find
false hope, not wanting to hear other things, lonely,
with a headache that hasn't left for the past couple of
days. Tea, Coffee, Tylenol, Diet Coke, Menthols,
none of it helps.

I spent a lot of yesterday exchanging stories with old
and older people, showed up at a family gathering by
myself, bearing dessert cooked by my mother. New
York is some fanciful place to most of the people south
of Tennessee, which always leaves me with stories to
tell. "Do you miss rochester?" "I miss the people, but
not the weather."

Enough scatterbraining.

music: Smolik: T.Time

candice at July 6, 2003 04:06 AM


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