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July 31, 2003


"Oh, that's such a cute dog." Like you're looking at the
dog, your gaze isn't anywhere near that low.

I walk susie out on the local lakefront a decent amount.
Here I see lots of crimes of fashion, most by white men.
White men, who need to learn that honky and tank top do
not go together. Going running? Longer shorts. Please.
Spare us your ugly thighs. I see black men running and
they never seem to make these mistakes. There's also
combover-creepy-white-man with a sleeveless t-shirt.
(And no, Mr. Gelmonkey, I'll say hi to be polite but don't
even -think- about anything else.)

I'm just trying to avoid rambling about my own self image,
really. I'll shut up now.

music: Bucketheads: The Bomb

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July 30, 2003

begins with K and ends with aftwerk


Change the -all- link to add a werk, and you've got the album.
Five line music review: It sounds like it belongs where the
Tour de France EP from 83 is. In between Computer World and
Electric Cafe. The non Tour de France tracks, that is. Sounds
like Kraftwerk does, not rehashed and over-processed like The
Mix. The last track is eh, the single tracks we've heard. Good.

music: Talib Kweli: Get By

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July 29, 2003

stupid program

Apparently livejournal syndication broke on my last post.
Nack. The whole mess that livejournal has grown into
annoys me now. I missed the early adopter mark by around
10k people, originally, only getting a livejournal when
bullied into it by Egon, if I recall properly.

I dislike the "pay for the service, and we don't make -your-
journal more reliable, we just let you be an addict faster"
approach to paid accounts. And the friends thing. The
friend/unfriend drama, the epic-ly tragic I'm Going Friends
Only Here, that makes it annoying to read individual
journals by themselves, which is what I like doing in the
first place. Friends-page is alright, but I wish I could
sort the stupid thing or something.

In a related note I'm probably going to ditch the friendster
account at some point. All it does is show that I'm a dork
by having friends who write for slashdot and get me random
creepy guy messages.

(And yes, I try to put different music on every entry. Gives
me a little push to quit listening to the same song on repeat.)

music: Black Eyed Peas (mtv after hours.)

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July 28, 2003


I must look good today or something.
Or it's just breasts get me free coffee.

In any case it made a normal dark day a little brighter.

music: The Postal Service: Such Great Heights

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oh the triphop...

"I feel so cold, all hookers and gin, this mess we're in"

Royalty-wise, is "filesharing" any different than buying all
your CDs used? The only CDs I've bought in the last year
were deeply discounted to the point that everyone in the
record store was walking around with a stack. If a CD
would cost, say $3-5 or so, I'd own three times the amount
that I do. Until that point, there's half.com, I suppose.

Am I the only person that realizes that all "they" have to
do to win is make the cost of a CD less than the pain in the
ass to get a respectable quality homogenous rip off the net?

music: Portishead: Western Eyes

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July 27, 2003

car nonsense

Maybe, just maybe, it'll stay dry now. More fixing of stuff
in Car today. Won't know for sure until I clean the carpets
tomorrow and see if any more water manages to get in.
It did survive being washed, though. (Unfortunately now
for some weird reason the seatbelt is wet and icky. Most
likely resulting from the "let's figure out where this leaks"
phase.) Wax tomorrow if it decides to be nice and not
rain on me, too.

music: Southern Culture on the Skids: Walk like a Camel

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July 26, 2003


Today I learned that you can jerry-rig an air-conditioning
unit's fan with two box fans and some ductape. The motor
on the central air unit for the house died this afternoon.
The box fans are enough to keep it running but it's still
probably 80 degrees instead of the usual 76 it's kept in
the summer. I love my ceiling fan.

I suppose tomorrow I get to help install expensive plastic
bits into my car. Note to enterprising rice-car saboteurs:
there are only 4 bolts to remove the hood on a Civic.

music: Modjo: Lady

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the gods must be crazy

In ancient Rome and Greece they had gods for everything.
Here in modern America, we have a drug for everything.

music: Stereo MC's: Connected

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July 25, 2003

little things

Backed out the evil annoying driveway in one try this
evening. Only when I have to. Picked up annoying
plastic bits for her yesterday, even though we figure it
won't stop the leaks. Sigh. I like Car, shame she's
going to end up a temporary measure at this rate.

music: Esthero: Heaven Sent

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July 23, 2003

file under silly

Or brave, whichever you feel like.

1 kitchen, preferably past 1am.
a song or two playing or stuck in my head.
Candice dancing like an idiot.

I've been 'formally' dancing since 1983. 20 years in August.
In a box somewhere in this house are my first costumes,
ballet shoes and tap shoes. In between then and now I've
done strange, strange things. All in the name of art.

You have no idea how hard it is to stand up on stage with
a whip with a straight face until you're up there, knowing
full well your friends in the audience are giggling at you in
pink tights, black knee-high platforms, a dress which will go
unmentioned, i'll just say pink and purple were involved,
and a mirrored pink top hat. And a whip. Which is about
a foot and a half too long for me to easily crack against
the stage like I'm supposed to. Strutting on a box-like
thing built into a stage full of stairs.

And the time I went to company class at 10am on a cold
saturday morning, hung over, in the infamous bright red
leotard. Got singled out because apparently I was doing
a good job of fucking up and going on without stopping.
All by myself in front of an audience of 40 other dancers.
Oh yeah. This one was on camera for someone's film
project. I ran into people later that year saying "Hey
Candice I saw you on film dancing, that's cool."

All spurred off by me trying to dance like Shakira at 1am.

music: beyonce on vh1. great hook to that song.

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Okay, the VH1 psycho-kittens are stalking me again.

I keep starting to gather my thoughts together and I can't
seem to get anywhere on a coherent thread for more than
five minutes.

I saw a spiral staircase leading up to nothing behind a gate
in the middle of a field on Sunday. We forgot to stop and
take a picture of it on the way back.

music: radio soulwax part 6

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July 21, 2003

Kraftwerk gushing

In light of the new album out very soon I've gone off and
copied all my Kraftwerk back to my hd. I started listening
to Ralf & Florian, which has some absolutely breathaking
beautiful music I'd never noticed. I always end up listening
to Computer World on repeat and stuff instead.

music: Kraftwerk: Kristalle

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July 20, 2003

goddamn lights.

I read Medea (the greek tragedy) this evening. For the
first few pages the main light in my room was flickering
at me every time I looked back at the book.

I walked under the kitchen light fixture the other day and
it burned out. It also had been flickering at me, stopping
when I yelled at it.

Yes, I am crazy and I talk to things. Quiet.

music: Jeans Team: Keine Melodien

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He looks at me with that pleading look I've seen so many times
before. Anger swells inside me as I remember how long I thought
that look was genuine.

"Why do you have to be like this? Why can't we still be friends?"

Sighing, I flick my cigarette over the railing, watching it arc
its way to the pavement.

"You never were my friend."

14 december 98

My god. It's almost down to the letter. (No, this does
NOT refer to anyone in the audience.)

music: Kings of Convenience: Gold for the price of silver

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July 18, 2003


11 plastic fasteners for $30. Ouchy. Special order, even.

The list of things to buy when I have money again is
entirely too long.

music: Kraftwerk: Radio-Activity
(is in the air for you and me.)
(discovered by Madame Curie.)

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hello sunlight.

Ugh. Today I had to get up and bring one of the dogs to
the vet cause mom can't do much yet. Now I get to deal
with two of my least favorite things in the world: Car
dealers (ordering parts), and Insurance people (bastards
owe me MY goddamn money.) Spent a bit of time this
past weekend attempting to make Car not leak into its
floor, this has had the apparent side effect of making
it's AC not work less badly.

Hello friendly iced coffee. Whole milk with the cream
left in rules.

music: Morphine: Let's take a trip together

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July 16, 2003

lack of coffee

The universe owes me money, and I owe my friends beer.

That said, for those who know, my mom should be home
sometime soon today.

music: Sigur Ros: (Can I type this name? No.)

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best referer log ever

adsl-159-221-29.sav.bellsouth.net -

I love google.

music: Avenue D: Do I Look Like a Slut?

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July 14, 2003

these kids exist?

(from memepool in May)

Abstinence Shorts

Be-My-Husband Thong

Wow. I knew the Objective: Ministries stuff looked familiar
when people started linking the Creation Science Fair left
and right recently. What kind of teenage boy would wear
Abstinence Shorts? That just screams out "Pick on me in
the locker room, I'm a wuss." Oh yes, women are supposed
to get married to amount to anything in the world, too. Hate.

music: Ladytron: Seventeen

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is the new 120 minutes, on M2, and it somehow manages
to not suck pretty regularly so far. I flip past it and go
"oh cool, RJD2 is on here!" and stuff like that, which hasn't
been that true about any MTV product in years.

The video for Dave Gahan's Dirty Sticky Floors is about
a beach. Huh?

music: Brian Eno: Ambient 1: Music for Airports

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July 13, 2003

Nursing home to nightclub?

Bingo is being co-opted by a younger generation, and
a racier version has popped up at bars from New York to
Los Angeles, complete with drag queens and spankings
for calling false bingos.

Need I say more?

music: Blonde Redhead: Astroboy

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July 11, 2003

I miss this stuff

I got home just after 4. Yay!

Beer pool shots diner. Happiness.

music: Basement Jaxx Essential Mix from 99

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July 10, 2003


is a music snob's best friend. Now if only they didn't use
annoying javascript links making things not work with
tabs. EVIL. (Go download some Avenue D. It's great.)

music: Avenue D: Don't get too drunk to fuck

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July 08, 2003

"The Future is Fantastic"

I just found this Space:1999 LP and was just sorta
wondering whose mailbox it needed to end up in.

Hear Four Exciting Adventures from the Super-Space
TV Series:
Join the crew of Moon Base Alpha in these fast-paced,
action filled space fantasies:
* Return To The Beginning
* End Of Eternity
* Dragon's Domain
* It Played So Softly On The Ear

music: Tracy Bonham: Mother Mother

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July 07, 2003

by pressing down a special key

Kraftwerk girl-shirts! pocket calculator and man-machine.

music: Morphine: Buena

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July 06, 2003

headache haze

Lots to say, no words ever seem to come to mind.

I sit here wearing a scarf around my head that's far older
than I am, belonged to my great-grandmother whose
friend brought it from Italy many moons ago. (For the
rochester-folk: the purple and blue thing.) On my left
hand rings from grandmother and great-great-aunt.
And I've never really been sure why. A couple of
people have told me over the years that I wear jewelry
very well. I just wear stuff when it calls out to be put
on that morning.

I sit here, afraid of fortune-telling, not wanting to find
false hope, not wanting to hear other things, lonely,
with a headache that hasn't left for the past couple of
days. Tea, Coffee, Tylenol, Diet Coke, Menthols,
none of it helps.

I spent a lot of yesterday exchanging stories with old
and older people, showed up at a family gathering by
myself, bearing dessert cooked by my mother. New
York is some fanciful place to most of the people south
of Tennessee, which always leaves me with stories to
tell. "Do you miss rochester?" "I miss the people, but
not the weather."

Enough scatterbraining.

music: Smolik: T.Time

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July 04, 2003

get thee to a nunnery!

Oh yeah. I set foot in a convent a few weeks ago and
didn't burst into flames.

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July 03, 2003

musical nonsense

Got my hands on the new Kraftwerk single out, god bless
you Intarweb. Other opinion stuff: Dave Gahan's solo
project is DMlite(TM) but it's not bad to listen to at all.

I have been on a huge huge Catnip (more european
dance music yay) trend lately on that side of things.

For some reason lately I've wanted to go find decent sheet
music and remember how to read music and sing and
stuff. No idea why. Closest I've been is going to look up the
lyrics to the dumb french song in South Pacific. (Ditez-moi,
pourquoi, la vie est belle?)

Tomorrow is the 4th, going to go sit on my uncle's party
barge and make friends with beer.

music: Catnip: Don't Exercise the Bird

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(more girl-insecure stuff. yay.)

Statistics? 41-28-37, down from 43-30-40 sometime last
year after I'd lost some weight. 15 pounds since i've got
home, on top of almost 25 from 2002, I don't think that's
bad at all. The disadvantage to this is that of all the 15 or
so pairs of pants I had that used to fit, I've kept two. And
I'm broke, so I feel guilty about shopping even though I
need to look nice for interviews and whatnot.

Got a call today, they're 'very interested' but things aren't
going as fast as they'd told me originally, so 'we'll call you
back in a couple of weeks'. Cross your fingers for me,
this could very well be the ticket out.

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I have new shoes.

They're sitting on top my tv. Hopefully the dog won't
decide to knock them down from there and run around the
house with the things. Went shopping today at some
outlet mall in mississippi, and found I can actually fit into
a size 6 pants. Doesn't look good yet, but still. That's not
something I've ever done before. I was a 3 once for a really
short amount of time. I was only 11, before the descent into

I'm being a girl. Shut UP.

I like listening to other people's problems so that I don't
have to think about mine.

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July 01, 2003

it's the little things

This morning I managed to get into third gear with no clutch.
Yay for stupid car tricks.

music: Fluke: My Spine

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I have too much free time.

Also along those lines:
silly dog pictures.
bunches of old stuff

music: Kenna: Hell Bent

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