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July 23, 2003


Okay, the VH1 psycho-kittens are stalking me again.

I keep starting to gather my thoughts together and I can't
seem to get anywhere on a coherent thread for more than
five minutes.

I saw a spiral staircase leading up to nothing behind a gate
in the middle of a field on Sunday. We forgot to stop and
take a picture of it on the way back.

music: radio soulwax part 6

candice at July 23, 2003 12:43 AM


That's reminded me of two things: firstly that there is a sixth radio soulwax mix - I thought there were five - and secondly to get a picture of a similar thing that I see on the way to our colo space, except on a grand scale - it's 12 stories of staircase from the side of a towerblock, but without the towerblock.

Posted by: Howie at July 23, 2003 02:36 AM

I've got a promo rip of part 6 that got onto 'the scene' in june. There is also Hang All Dj's volume 1, which I don't like as much, and apparently a few sets from Studio Brussel.

I'll at some point dig up a picture of the door to nowhere that's on the building next to our "school building" at boarding school. It's gorgeous cause
the thing had caught fire, burned for 12 hours, and the door and it's surrounding windows were perfectly intact.

Posted by: candice at July 23, 2003 02:54 AM

I had the 2manyDJs CD and one other Radio Soulwax mix, but then I got to see them live about a month ago (great fun) and I thought I'd collected up the others since then. I'll have a look around.

That door sounds unnatural, you may want to take a look at Entrances To Hell: http://www.entrances2hell.co.uk/

Posted by: Howie at July 23, 2003 03:07 AM

It looked unnatural. The building's creepy, widely reputed to contain ghosts, etc. Isabelle, the ghost of NSU, and assorted crap. It's a little white door with square windows surrounding it, up on the second floor of a building which was a girls' gym built in the 1920s. (Said university campus we were on was mostly a girls' college in it's past.) I'd show you a picture but the computer it's on is offline. We went and did some digging in the library and found a picture of it with a metal staircase hanging down, apparently it was a fire-escape at one point.

Radio Soulwax part 6 is fantastic, too.

Posted by: candice at July 23, 2003 03:18 AM

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