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July 29, 2003

stupid program

Apparently livejournal syndication broke on my last post.
Nack. The whole mess that livejournal has grown into
annoys me now. I missed the early adopter mark by around
10k people, originally, only getting a livejournal when
bullied into it by Egon, if I recall properly.

I dislike the "pay for the service, and we don't make -your-
journal more reliable, we just let you be an addict faster"
approach to paid accounts. And the friends thing. The
friend/unfriend drama, the epic-ly tragic I'm Going Friends
Only Here, that makes it annoying to read individual
journals by themselves, which is what I like doing in the
first place. Friends-page is alright, but I wish I could
sort the stupid thing or something.

In a related note I'm probably going to ditch the friendster
account at some point. All it does is show that I'm a dork
by having friends who write for slashdot and get me random
creepy guy messages.

(And yes, I try to put different music on every entry. Gives
me a little push to quit listening to the same song on repeat.)

music: Black Eyed Peas (mtv after hours.)

candice at July 29, 2003 03:06 AM


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