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July 03, 2003


(more girl-insecure stuff. yay.)

Statistics? 41-28-37, down from 43-30-40 sometime last
year after I'd lost some weight. 15 pounds since i've got
home, on top of almost 25 from 2002, I don't think that's
bad at all. The disadvantage to this is that of all the 15 or
so pairs of pants I had that used to fit, I've kept two. And
I'm broke, so I feel guilty about shopping even though I
need to look nice for interviews and whatnot.

Got a call today, they're 'very interested' but things aren't
going as fast as they'd told me originally, so 'we'll call you
back in a couple of weeks'. Cross your fingers for me,
this could very well be the ticket out.

candice at July 3, 2003 05:10 PM


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