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August 16, 2003

acquiring satellite signal

I hate those three words, so very much. The dish receiver
I'm hooked up to is awful. However it is the source of
Dead Alive at 3am.

Went by the newly opened 24-hour(!!) coffee and beignet
shop we have here, the coffee's decent so far. I wasn't
wearing black so no beignets for me.

Jordan asked for a copy of my playlist, to which I of course
responded: Umm, playlist? I don't have a playlist. I just
keep tracks on hand and search through stuff otherwise.
This reminded me to make a mix-mp3-cd of eighties doom.
Call it 88 miles per hour.

music: Depeche Mode: Master and Servant

candice at August 16, 2003 03:43 AM


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