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August 27, 2003

rochester people?

Could someone go take a picture of The Church of the Master
up Lake Ave in/near Charlotte for me? I forgot to take one
of it before I left. Last I saw it had a for-lease sign, which
made it even more amusing.

music: Corey Hart: Sunglasses at Night

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August 23, 2003

things I am addicted to.

The food channel.
VH1 series-specials full of sound bites. (Come on now.
Can you beat kermit the frog making jokes about viagra?)
Communication with the oh-so-remote outside world.
Channel-surfing the MTVs past 2am.
Ground Force and Changing Rooms.

Can you tell I'm bored and spend my evenings watching
satellite? I go out for coffee for an hour or so usually just
to get out of the house, today I stayed out there for three
hours bs'ing with people and watching them play chess.

(Music entry is something everyone needs to hear.)

music: Brooklyn Funk Essentials: I Got Cash

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August 21, 2003

Good with the bad...

The good:

Commandments do not belong in courthouses.

Someone bothering to sue the RIAA back

The Bad:

Psycho Vegan....

music: Perez Prado & His Orchestra: Guaglione (Guinness.)

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August 20, 2003

I can't get no sleep

But that's ok. Because the reason I was up at 8:30am
was for a vaguely interview-like thing, and I have some
contract work for a little bit now. Total of actual sleep?
None. About 4 hours of vaguely paranoid semi-sleep.

My stomach is full of tasty raw fishies. Went to the new
sushi restaurant in town with my mom, sat at the sushi
bar and chatted with the chefs a little bit. Had a cute little
sashimi salad that they gave us as an appetizer and did
the usual rollsand appetizer type of deal. Huge shrimp,
very fluffy tempura.

On the way back from the interview earlier I was driving
one of the back roads home and a red lamborghini passed
the other direction. It was shortly followed by a cop car
and a cop pickup truck. Shiny!

music: Jeans Team: Keine Melodien

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pure genius

So, tonight I decided to take apart a few computers to put
scsi into my borrowed pc. Faster better, scratch-storage
drive not ata33. It was the system disk of the dualie that
got killed the day of Car vs. Jetta. (Car lost. That's why
I have my Civic.)

Speaking of which, Saturday was the one year anniversary
of Car vs. Mercury Sable. (Car won, but needed several
thousand dollars of work.)

What I was intending to say in this little ramble, is that I
found the Guinness screensaver again. Sweet cheesy
bliss, if you want a copy send me mail.

If I do the excerpts by hand, I can make them long and
put links in them. Woo.

UPDATED: 2006-09-02 I should have updated to say something
sooner, but my hard drives are in all kinds of random places
since Katrina, and I don't even know if all of them work.
I don't know where the file is, I'm sorry. If I find it
I'll link it back to here.

music: sushi-making on the food channel.

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August 19, 2003

useless hardware

I now have a machine whose sole purpose in life is to sit
around and run xdaliclock -root -cycle -24.

(For those late to the party, this is something I've been
threatening to do for years, and not gotten around to.)

One of my dead Toshiba laptops (a tecra p166 with flaky
power supply and bizarre pcmcia slots), and I'm going
to see how long it stays alive this time. I'm hopeful, it
actually rebooted without hanging, several times.

music: Air: Sex Born Poison

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August 16, 2003

acquiring satellite signal

I hate those three words, so very much. The dish receiver
I'm hooked up to is awful. However it is the source of
Dead Alive at 3am.

Went by the newly opened 24-hour(!!) coffee and beignet
shop we have here, the coffee's decent so far. I wasn't
wearing black so no beignets for me.

Jordan asked for a copy of my playlist, to which I of course
responded: Umm, playlist? I don't have a playlist. I just
keep tracks on hand and search through stuff otherwise.
This reminded me to make a mix-mp3-cd of eighties doom.
Call it 88 miles per hour.

music: Depeche Mode: Master and Servant

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August 14, 2003

we're all addicts

Best thing about the northeast power outage today? The
number of people I know which are/were online during
said outage due to having battery/generator backup, or
just laptops and phone lines. Skirt was even back by 8.

music: joe le taxi

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Ahh the 40. So many choices, so little time.

Movable type really needs to not strip out links in its'
excerpts for rss and junk.

music: Black Rebel Motorcycle Club: Stop

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ugh, good eats

Okay, I know this is something akin to committing Geek
Heresy here, but really. I can't stand the show Good Eats.
I already know how to cook. The theatrics and the overly
slow instruction drive me batty. Stop with the science and
leave me the food.

music: mtv emo crap

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August 11, 2003

Cen-Art, soulseek records


Soulseek's record label project put out an mp3 album
release of gorgeous laid-back music. Go download, it's
even legally free.

music: Lim: hushpointshelter

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August 10, 2003



I have a little scrap of paper in my wallet that's one of these
weird found things, it's a note in french that got slipped into
my mailbox at school many years ago.

music: Essell: Daydream

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August 09, 2003


Went to a newly opened sushi restaurant today, very very
good sushi, gorgeous presentation. Cross-cut crunchy
rolls looking artistic and stuff, and my dad got a sashimi
dinner thing with lots of pretty, tasty fish.

I have painted fingernails, it's odd.

The other day I armoralled the vinyl dice in my car.

Took suz out to the lakefront as it was getting dark, the
sky and the water were the same eerie shade of blue.

music: Grandmaster Flash: White Lines

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August 06, 2003

rest in peace, little camera

I think my digital camera has given up the ghost for the
last time. First the smartmedia card nonsense and tonight
it wouldn't even turn on. Tried with new batteries, even.

music: Duran Duran: Girls on Film

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August 04, 2003

drew tells it straight


when i realized:
1. it's neat to put things on the web and have people really like
them, but creepy to get mail from "fans"
2. no matter how funny or smart your writing/drawings/pictures
are, 99% of people would rather see legos fuck

(link to commenting, scroll down some)

music: Unkle: Lonely Soul

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my tv needs tabs.

to quote myself in IM: please, please kill me. I'm flipping
through the program guide on my tv and just tried to process

Nooooooooo. I knew it was bad when my mozilla broke
a while back when a power outage killed libraries, and I
tried to get by without them and went mad. Mad, mad, all
mad, all of them!

I hate computers, someone save me.

music: Basement Jaxx: Broken Dreams

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Goodbye to friendster. It just gives me the creeps.
I want to unplug. I leave you with the little 'testimonial'
that Joshie left on my profile.

Of the ages there has been a history of strong warrior
women: Helen of troy, Xena, and now Candice. When I
first met Candice I was fighting a legion of trolls over the
green, rolling hills of the kingdom. As the last green,
bucktoothed brute met my blade, I saw her standing
magestically upon the hill. Awestruck, I climbed towards
her, only to grabbed by her strong yet feminine hands.
Forcefully, yet with the grace of an angel, she kissed me
and then threw me down the hill, tossing my warriors pride
with me Thereafter I lay at the bottom of the hill for seven
days and seven nights in a trance from this goddesses
kiss. Truely there will be no woman of greater beauty,
cunning, and wit. She is deeper than a thousand wells,
and shines brighter than all the stars in the sky.

music: subterranean on mtv2

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August 03, 2003

the world is tiny

And so is this slice of yuppieville. The guy guesting on the
annoying everpresent Evanescence single is from here.
His little band 12 stones is attempting ride Evanescence to
fame. How did I find this out? A flyer on the door of
a coffeehouse regarding a concert.

Pardon me while I die laughing. Rural Mandeville? There
are no cows here, unless you count the soccer moms.
Call it a bedroom community with a lot of bored teenagers.

music: a few year old one-hit wonder special

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August 01, 2003


Is the current size of my Kraftwerk collection.

Nack. Annoyed packet.

music: Breathe one more time (the Prodigy vs. Britney)

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