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August 04, 2003


Goodbye to friendster. It just gives me the creeps.
I want to unplug. I leave you with the little 'testimonial'
that Joshie left on my profile.

Of the ages there has been a history of strong warrior
women: Helen of troy, Xena, and now Candice. When I
first met Candice I was fighting a legion of trolls over the
green, rolling hills of the kingdom. As the last green,
bucktoothed brute met my blade, I saw her standing
magestically upon the hill. Awestruck, I climbed towards
her, only to grabbed by her strong yet feminine hands.
Forcefully, yet with the grace of an angel, she kissed me
and then threw me down the hill, tossing my warriors pride
with me Thereafter I lay at the bottom of the hill for seven
days and seven nights in a trance from this goddesses
kiss. Truely there will be no woman of greater beauty,
cunning, and wit. She is deeper than a thousand wells,
and shines brighter than all the stars in the sky.

music: subterranean on mtv2

candice at August 4, 2003 12:28 AM


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