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September 13, 2003


This whole human contact thing is good. Much happier
with boys to talk to at night. At the moment, though, i'm
turning my wardrobe inside out trying to find something
to wear to a wedding that isn't black. I have at least 8
black skirts. Several black dresses, etc, etc. A dark
red skirt that never matches anything, and the list goes
on and on.

This has been famous-people-die week. It's also let's
celebrate planes-flying-into-things week. In any case,
I'll refrain from the culture-craziness.

So that wedding... It's my best friend from elementary
school, that I used to keep in touch with up until four
or five years ago. Went to her shower a few months
ago cause we actually got invited, and caught up a
little. I will know no-one, probably, and this will be the
first Mass I've attended in over 7 years. (After which,
I need to make friends with some Vodka, because I
won't smoke around the parents, and I'm gonna need
something to wash the Catholicism out of my soul.)

music: Don Henley: Boys of Summer

candice at September 13, 2003 12:56 AM


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