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September 28, 2003

presto strangeo

So part of my long friday night excursion this week involved
a trip over to the westbank to go get a friend. He lives a
block from the elementary school I went to, a few more from
one of my old dance schools, you can start getting the picture
of weird nostalgia from there. They tore down the mall that
used to be next to my old house, left the Penneys on one side
and built a Wal-Mart where the mall was, and a couple of
steakhouses in front. I stopped at the deli where I used to
get eggrolls between mine and my sister's dance classes on
wednesday nights, because there was never enough time for
supper, to get cigarettes. I'm told the eggrolls and the other
vietnamese/chinese food stuffs are still pretty good there.
I never knew that my favorite greasy spoon was also open 24.

music: RJD2: Work

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September 25, 2003

girly rant.

Okay. So I braved the Great Pink Evil this evening. Hate.

I will note that my bitching is very similar to this rant, but
sometimes I have to add a second D to the size. High on
the list of Things I Do Not Need are any bras that have push
up abilities whatsoever. I felt compelled to try one on
somewhere else earlier this week because my size actually
existed, and went "oh my god I do not need to look like pamela
fucking anderson here." Vicky has lots of that. Lots of lining,
too, and the black 36D is a rare animal in the first place.

Me. Little ball of hate. I will also note that the Evil Pink Shop's
salesladies are overly pushy and annoying.

music: Cake: Italian Leather Sofa (on candice's head radio.)

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September 20, 2003


She's home and is wandering around the house slowly and
sleeping. Picked her up at 7:30am, the vet gave us some
antibiotics to give her for a few days, and she should be alright
once she heals up. Normal vet called to see if she was ok
which was cool of her.

music: Cassius: Protection

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the stress headache may yet give

So I fixed my lack of liquor problem. Stopped at Albertsons
on the way back from the coffeehouse where I'd gone to
hang out with 'my' boys here. I was trying for a smaller
bottle, but one of vodka and one of tonic and I'm at least
more physically relaxed.

And I have to be up for going to get the dog at like 7:30.

music: Murray Head: One night in Bangkok

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September 19, 2003

hurt doggy :(

Umm. So this was an okay day until Susie got hit by a car.
She's going to be alright, she's walking around, at the local
emergency vet's office for the night now.

Apparently the sewer district people left one of our gates
open, and when my parents got home and let the dogs
outside she went off. I'd just gotten to the far side of
New Orleans when they called me so I drove straight back
here. Mom took me back there to see the dog and she
looked pretty good for having been hit. She's bruised and
has scrapes on her legs and is coming out of shock at the
moment. I get her back at oh-god-o'clock tomorrow

And there's no liquor in the house.

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September 14, 2003

do you have one?

A pos covered in stickers. I do, and have been adding to and
rearranging the sticker collection on the thing for years now.
It seems to be a trend. The old crappy laptops we actually own
as opposed to being work-owned. (And there's more stickers
on the inside, but my camera died, so none of that.)

Sitting on wireless somewhere outside of my house for the first
time in forever. Maybe I'll bring the silly thing to 2600 next
month or something. If anything it's got decent battery life
still, 2 hours+ and it's 5 years old.

music: Morphine: Head with wings

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Right now, I remember exactly why I used to drink so much
at various points of my Rochester past life. I'm tired. This
is a state all insomniacs aspire to.

Today was surreal. I spoke to my 4th and 2nd grade teacher
(who also taught me how to swim) with a drink in my hand.
I was a good six inches taller than her with my heels on.
I went to the wedding mass, by myself, because my parents
were just going to make a drop-in appearance at the reception.
I managed to forget a couple of parts of it, even. I went
shopping tipsy so that I'd not be legally impaired to drive home.
Got calls to go out in the city after I had gotten back up here,
but that's okay, it means people care I exist.

And I'm sleepy. Sweet.

music: Duran Duran: Rio

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September 13, 2003


This whole human contact thing is good. Much happier
with boys to talk to at night. At the moment, though, i'm
turning my wardrobe inside out trying to find something
to wear to a wedding that isn't black. I have at least 8
black skirts. Several black dresses, etc, etc. A dark
red skirt that never matches anything, and the list goes
on and on.

This has been famous-people-die week. It's also let's
celebrate planes-flying-into-things week. In any case,
I'll refrain from the culture-craziness.

So that wedding... It's my best friend from elementary
school, that I used to keep in touch with up until four
or five years ago. Went to her shower a few months
ago cause we actually got invited, and caught up a
little. I will know no-one, probably, and this will be the
first Mass I've attended in over 7 years. (After which,
I need to make friends with some Vodka, because I
won't smoke around the parents, and I'm gonna need
something to wash the Catholicism out of my soul.)

music: Don Henley: Boys of Summer

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September 08, 2003

dear doG.

I was spoiled, working for scientists and professors. Over
there, I could easily blend in as a nice happy godless heathen.

At the moment I'm working for heavy-duty God People. I'm
up on the line of the area where the Southern Baptists are
invading Louisiana. (I'm from New Orleans, you see, there,
you're either Catholic or atheist if you're white.) I spend way
too much energy at the moment trying very very hard not to
speak up about religion, and how mindless these 'nice' people
look, how blind and trusting of their faith, the willingness to
attribute all good things to God, and such.

They try. I would pray for them to not try to "save" me, but
that's really defeating the purpose now, isn't it?

music: Air: Modular Mix

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September 06, 2003

I should just not make plans

Because they never go as planned in the first place. Stuff
got mixed up with my plan A of last night, and plan B was
to go find the 2600 meeting at la fee verte and see if I
knew anyone there. So I did, and ran into people I haven't
seen in years, caught up with them, yay.

The 2600 meeting in a bar idea is great. Especially when
the place already has its own wireless.

I now go off waste the rest of my weekend doing nothing.

music: Jeans Team: Keine Melodien

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September 02, 2003

China Girl

I know, as a self-respecting David Bowie fan, I'm supposed
to hate the song. It's cheesy, it's poppy, and it gets stuck
in my head and will not let go. It wedged itself in at work
today by about 10am and playing it in my car, playing bits
of catchy cheese-music here and there, will not LEAVE.

(And yes. I'm working. Some contract, and temporary full
time stuff to fill the hours. Connections. Still need real work.)

music: Prince: When Doves Cry

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