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September 28, 2003

presto strangeo

So part of my long friday night excursion this week involved
a trip over to the westbank to go get a friend. He lives a
block from the elementary school I went to, a few more from
one of my old dance schools, you can start getting the picture
of weird nostalgia from there. They tore down the mall that
used to be next to my old house, left the Penneys on one side
and built a Wal-Mart where the mall was, and a couple of
steakhouses in front. I stopped at the deli where I used to
get eggrolls between mine and my sister's dance classes on
wednesday nights, because there was never enough time for
supper, to get cigarettes. I'm told the eggrolls and the other
vietnamese/chinese food stuffs are still pretty good there.
I never knew that my favorite greasy spoon was also open 24.

music: RJD2: Work

candice at September 28, 2003 03:29 PM


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