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October 16, 2003

fragmented update

Haven't felt like caring about computers lately. Some highlights:

I'm now working 3-day weeks. So, this means, Thursday and Fridays
I don't have to put up with Christianity. (One of the girls was wearing
a pink born-again glittery tshirt the other day.)

Had a cool weekend, parents skipped town and Pete came to visit, so
we did a lot of wandering around New Orleans and other stupid stuff.
(And my god. That car rules.) Even just the people-watching in the
french quarter is great.

I am owning at clearance sales lately. New nice clothes for not much
cash is great. I like wearing thin-people sizes too. I do not particularly
like the fact that I look young enough to get actual hassle when buying
cigarettes, and that this impedes other people's older-looking ness.

music: Nancy Sinatra: Bang Bang (from Kill Bill.)

candice at October 16, 2003 11:16 AM


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