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October 17, 2003

new favorite possession

found at work and kept:

A BlueCross BlueShield health insurance churchkey. On a keychain.

That's even better than antidepressant promotional handsoap that
was in the office kitchen for a while. (Celebrex, I think.)

music: Fuse (muchmusic americanized to old mtv.)

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October 16, 2003

"secret crush"

Apparently I have 4 losers on my friend-of list on LJ who have a
secret crush on me.

Why do people do those things?

music: Ladytron: Seventeen

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fragmented update

Haven't felt like caring about computers lately. Some highlights:

I'm now working 3-day weeks. So, this means, Thursday and Fridays
I don't have to put up with Christianity. (One of the girls was wearing
a pink born-again glittery tshirt the other day.)

Had a cool weekend, parents skipped town and Pete came to visit, so
we did a lot of wandering around New Orleans and other stupid stuff.
(And my god. That car rules.) Even just the people-watching in the
french quarter is great.

I am owning at clearance sales lately. New nice clothes for not much
cash is great. I like wearing thin-people sizes too. I do not particularly
like the fact that I look young enough to get actual hassle when buying
cigarettes, and that this impedes other people's older-looking ness.

music: Nancy Sinatra: Bang Bang (from Kill Bill.)

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October 02, 2003

oh shit, that's not ground

So my dog discovered what a swimming pool was last night.
Doing her usual check things out at full speed leading me
along through my granny's house, she stepped out the back
door into the pool room, and ran so fast she went straight
into the water. (It's only about 2 feet from the sliding glass
door to the the edge of the pool.) So incredibly funny.

Other than that, man, this has been a bad week. At least
I got paid.

music: Emiliana Torrini: Dead Things

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