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December 27, 2003

Don't Eat the Pictures

So yesterday I made this grand expedition with my parents and
grandparents and sister in search of sushi and culture. Plans were
to go to this egyptian exhibit and have sushi at the place the family
used to be regulars at in a past life.

I was totally floored by how good the ancient stuff really looks in
person. The discovery channel somehow doesn't bring out the
brilliance of all the gold or the strangeness of "wow, that used to
be a person and it still really looks like a person, just tanned dark
from being mummified." It also doesn't really show you the depth
in the carvings and paintings, which were enough to ignore the
audio tour thing and just look at stuff.

(It would have been nice to actually have a tour guide, instead of
just a hundred people or so wandering around with cellphone-like
devices held to their ears staring at stuff. I felt like I was in a bad
cellphone commercial.)

candice at December 27, 2003 01:59 PM


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