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December 29, 2003

Best Livejournal Ever.

This stuff reminds me of Bill.


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part 2

So it's the day after christmas and I'm sitting in the aforementioned
diner doing the usual "so how was your christmas" stuff, when this
story gets related. Two friends of mine, one who brought the other
to his family christmas eve gathering, were getting annoyed by a
12-year old cousin. Other than the "you should kill so-and-so in the
car and bring him back to his house and set the house on fire and
leave a note that says you did it" conversation which I can't recall
all of, the best part follows.

After realizing the kid was crazy, friend wouldn't give out his name.

(cousin) "I'm gonna call you Joe, but in spanish so the j is an h, you see."
(cousin) "Do you know what a hoe is?"
(friend) "It's something you use in a garden or on a farm, right?"
(cousin) "No, I mean the other definition."
(friend) "I don't know the other definition."
(cousin) "Ho's are pretty things, used for pleasure."

The kid claimed to be fifteen and said he worked in a strip club.

more to come from white trash hell.

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December 27, 2003

Don't Eat the Pictures

So yesterday I made this grand expedition with my parents and
grandparents and sister in search of sushi and culture. Plans were
to go to this egyptian exhibit and have sushi at the place the family
used to be regulars at in a past life.

I was totally floored by how good the ancient stuff really looks in
person. The discovery channel somehow doesn't bring out the
brilliance of all the gold or the strangeness of "wow, that used to
be a person and it still really looks like a person, just tanned dark
from being mummified." It also doesn't really show you the depth
in the carvings and paintings, which were enough to ignore the
audio tour thing and just look at stuff.

(It would have been nice to actually have a tour guide, instead of
just a hundred people or so wandering around with cellphone-like
devices held to their ears staring at stuff. I felt like I was in a bad
cellphone commercial.)

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Tales from White Trash Hell

Part one in a series that's only going to get longer.

The "diner", or whatever I'm supposed to call it down here, that I
was at tonight for an hour and change, is large, and has a gigantic
packed smoking section and a very empty "No Smoking Section".
It's accompanied by a small bar with a couple of daquiri machines
running behind it. The place is open 24 hours but I'm told the bar
does close. I was there at about 11 at night and the scenery was
starting to get colorful even then. Favorite part of the whole place?
(aside from cheap decent coffee and fairly good food, considering)
"No Muscle Shirts in Dining Area as of 8-21-92" sign on the doors.

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December 25, 2003

meat on meat on meat!

Reasons I love the The Black Table:

The road to turducken.

music: Bond. James Bond.

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je suis une pomme de terre

Watching the grinch in french and spanish is really strange.
Yay for dvds.

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December 22, 2003

today was not cool.

rest in peace.

music: none. dead stereo cables.

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December 20, 2003

afternoon tea

or something like that. My mom had a gift certificate to use up for
this English Tea Room place, so we went this afternoon and had
scones and I drank my entire pot of black tea so I've got slightly
more of a twitch than usual.

music: soundtrack to Kill Bill.

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December 19, 2003

It's Not Snowing!

Christmas time = too much sugar. That and the eyestrain stress
headache I've had the past two days are equaling out to not even
wanting to go out tonight.

Small boxes of sugarycrack should be arriving at their destinations
soon to just before christmas as far as I know. (If you want on the
list for a later batch, now's the time to start bribing me.)

Killed my 1/8" stereo extension cable, so now I've gone and made
my laptop into a stereo appliance.

music: Dirty Vegas: Days go by

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December 17, 2003

whatever happened to the fear of god?

I got bullied into singing a little bit when I was at the lakefront
drinking coffee a couple hours ago. I suppose I've still got something
resembling a good voice. (and. Riaa radar is nifty. Used it to figure
out if I could say "go download this and you won't get sued.")

Been working on the whole get myself out of this stupid house thing.
I hate phones, and this whole I have to call random people I don't
know about for-rent ads thing sucks. I do have something of a
deadline for the end of the year though.

music: Black Box Recorder: Brutality

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December 16, 2003

back in black

and better than ever.

Sorry about the extended hiatus, machines die and I get lazy about
setting stuff up again. The archives are all gonna be mixed up when
I get stuff back online, so it'll screw with google pretty nicely too.
Gotta muck with .css for the next few hours to make this look okay.

There's so much news and still yet none at all.

music: Cake: Love you madly

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