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December 29, 2003

part 2

So it's the day after christmas and I'm sitting in the aforementioned
diner doing the usual "so how was your christmas" stuff, when this
story gets related. Two friends of mine, one who brought the other
to his family christmas eve gathering, were getting annoyed by a
12-year old cousin. Other than the "you should kill so-and-so in the
car and bring him back to his house and set the house on fire and
leave a note that says you did it" conversation which I can't recall
all of, the best part follows.

After realizing the kid was crazy, friend wouldn't give out his name.

(cousin) "I'm gonna call you Joe, but in spanish so the j is an h, you see."
(cousin) "Do you know what a hoe is?"
(friend) "It's something you use in a garden or on a farm, right?"
(cousin) "No, I mean the other definition."
(friend) "I don't know the other definition."
(cousin) "Ho's are pretty things, used for pleasure."

The kid claimed to be fifteen and said he worked in a strip club.

more to come from white trash hell.

candice at December 29, 2003 10:52 PM


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