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January 27, 2004

snap. snappity snap snap

was the sound of the air-cleaner hooked into the central a/c that
woke me up this morning. Late. Very late.

*look at the clock* oh no, that's so not good.
*try to figure out what day it is* umm. Wednesday? Nope. Tuesday.
*throw clothes on and check to see if the coffeepot is on*

And I pour coffee and drive to work and two Java's mugs later, one
of Ultra and one of Regular, it's way past lunchtime and I'm still not
awake and not hungry. I went to fetch grease and sit in the park
and actually remembered to say "no tomato".

Somewhat awake. Large mug number three, and nope, no real email,
just conversation on sysadmin, and I wonder if anything has actually
been said on news that's interesting in months.

Do the usual get home, eat, begin catching up on everyone's livejournal
and head to coffeehouse, where I manage a few decent bits of
conversation with people my own age, as opposed to the ones I see
for most of the day. Until the recruiting youth-group poster children
walk in.

Make a hasty exit, and I worry about being rude to the friend I
haven't even seen since before Christmas, but fuck it, I only have so
much tolerance for that, and my quota gets used up every single
day. I'm tolerant. They pay me, I walk on ice and bite my tongue
a lot, and because the owner would worry about offending me, the
others keep in line. Somewhat. "Candice do you want to come pray
with us" a few months ago was way too much.

Most of them are nice people. Most. Not the sort like the ones
recruiting, who won't accept "No, thank you" as an answer out of
me when they were evangelizing at a friend and I having a conversation.
"I don't know what happened to you but you should know that Jesus
loves you man."

Sorry about the ramble, and it really wasn't that bad a day. There
were no car accidents, I didn't get screwed out of money or a job,
or have someone tell me he'd been seeing someone behind my back
but he wants to still be my friend.

music: The Statler Brothers: Flowers on the wall

candice at January 27, 2004 10:17 PM


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