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January 10, 2004


and stuff and things, acquired around the holidays this year.
I decided the "what I got for christmas list" was kinda silly so
this is what was bought-for and given and that I bought that
i found cool.

a brass candle-snuffer
a mesh tea-strainer with asian markings
an 18" wooden nutcracker doll
two more dvds, upping my collection total to 3.
knee-socks for wearing under happy tall boots.

I feel eight years old wearing knee-socks but they're warm and
keep the tops of the boots from sticking to my legs, so it's cool
I guess. (And yes, I do need to keep warm in Louisiana, the office
I work in is located in a drafty old house.)

candice at January 10, 2004 01:34 PM


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