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April 07, 2004


I cooked today, for the first time in this house involving more than one
pot or pan at the same time. I had these crawfish in the fridge leftover
from sunday's crawfish and crab boiling thing at my gramma's house,
already peeled and taunting me "candice, you are supposed to cook
with us, not just eat us plain and cold", so I threw together some
spicy red-sauce pasta thing out of laziness. Need to do the same thing
with the spiced sausage I have lying around and stuff too.

Drive one hour, at work 8 hours, drive one hour, work 2 hours leaves
me with zero motivation for pretty much anything besides caffeine
and sleep. At least friday is a holiday from christianity.

candice at April 7, 2004 10:57 PM


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