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April 28, 2004

Prozac Nation!

I wonder if the water in Rochester is picking up Prozac.

"Fluoxetine has been reported in U.S. surface waters, presumably
derived from urine and feces of people on therapy,"

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April 27, 2004

pictures (not mine)

My dad when he handed me pictures of this pbx I'm supposed
to get rid of for him, also gave me a bunch of pictures of the
azaleas at their house. Those pictures are here, and if you look
at the backgrounds enough you can see why I hate trees.
There are a couple of cool closeups, and a few of the flowers
on the blackberry bushes that live inside the azalea bushes
blooming. (warning. the ones marked huge are uncropped
from a 6mp camera with only its compression done on them.)

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April 24, 2004

state of the stress

(to some extent I'm enjoying it, but I really need to quit one of my jobs
and straighten lots of things in my life out.)

Last year about this time I went to go buy new shorts for summer and
went "oh sweet I can fit into a size 8". This year it's more along the
lines of "jesus christ I can fit into a size 4, when did that happen."
Little things that make my week, really.

Last week/weekend I was damned miserable sick, but managed to get
better enough to go out last thursday and catch up with Egon's friend
Jay, mostly ended up just sitting around at La Fee bullshitting about
people and things. Nothing like sitting around analyzing your mutual
friends' psychoses.

This code I have here is seriously seriously braindamaged, but it's fun,
really it is. Off to clean house and work and maybe get around to
selling stuff on ebay.

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April 08, 2004

my little slice of law & order

So Saturday afternoon I'm sitting around and I get a knock at my
front door, it's the Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office, this detective
says he's going around asking questions about something that
happened down the street Friday night. His tone is a little odd
for the first few things he asks me, and then he gets a bit more
normal, it was like I wasn't answering what he expected me to
or something. He'd told me a couple of details about what they
are investigating, not many, apparently this disabled woman down
the street was found by her nurse saturday morning tied up and
the house was unlocked and stuff was missing. Wednesday I get a
hold of an article about it here, and read the description of who they
are looking for, and it is this:

The suspect was described as a woman in her early 20s who
weighs about 125 pounds and is 5 feet, 5 inches tall.

My current 'description' is about 5'6 and 130 pounds, so no
wonder the cop was asking me questions like I knew something
at first.

(And just so you know, they arrested a former nurse of hers
yesterday afternoon/evening.)

Welcome to the twilight zone. I thought I left Rochester.

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April 07, 2004


I cooked today, for the first time in this house involving more than one
pot or pan at the same time. I had these crawfish in the fridge leftover
from sunday's crawfish and crab boiling thing at my gramma's house,
already peeled and taunting me "candice, you are supposed to cook
with us, not just eat us plain and cold", so I threw together some
spicy red-sauce pasta thing out of laziness. Need to do the same thing
with the spiced sausage I have lying around and stuff too.

Drive one hour, at work 8 hours, drive one hour, work 2 hours leaves
me with zero motivation for pretty much anything besides caffeine
and sleep. At least friday is a holiday from christianity.

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April 05, 2004


Happy Kurt Cobain Shot Himself Day.

That said, check out this Rorschach Test stuff, it reminds me very
much of the half-semester in Ms. Forrest's Psychology class in which
we were taught how not to get sent to the nuthouse. (We took the
actual 16PF as well, where I got teased for scoring 10/10 in the
Dominant column.) I miss the prison-psychologist stories in class,
I really do. (apologies to the non-gifties in the audience.)

The horse-racing channel is disturbing in its very existence and moreso
by the softrock played on it while they display confusing-looking scores.

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April 03, 2004

hello, friendly vodka

I just did my taxes. When I finished, I wandered over to the 'bar' in
my kitchen and poured three heavy shots of vodka and some tonic
into a glass over ice, and am trying to not be so annoyed about the
whole idea. (And yes, I do have enough to pay them, but it -still-
sucks because it throws a wrench into various plans I've got sitting

music: ceiling fan.

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April 01, 2004

ways to meet the neighbors

Running into the back neighbor's yard to catch susie after she's
broken her leather collar attached to a wandering-line by chasing
a stray cat.

The cross the street neighbors always say hi and say if you need
anything just come by. There are way way too many cars outside
that house. Sometimes a dump truck too.

I got called skinny today. That's pretty cool.

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