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April 24, 2004

state of the stress

(to some extent I'm enjoying it, but I really need to quit one of my jobs
and straighten lots of things in my life out.)

Last year about this time I went to go buy new shorts for summer and
went "oh sweet I can fit into a size 8". This year it's more along the
lines of "jesus christ I can fit into a size 4, when did that happen."
Little things that make my week, really.

Last week/weekend I was damned miserable sick, but managed to get
better enough to go out last thursday and catch up with Egon's friend
Jay, mostly ended up just sitting around at La Fee bullshitting about
people and things. Nothing like sitting around analyzing your mutual
friends' psychoses.

This code I have here is seriously seriously braindamaged, but it's fun,
really it is. Off to clean house and work and maybe get around to
selling stuff on ebay.

candice at April 24, 2004 06:17 PM


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