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June 19, 2004

weekend update

(no kevin nealon, thank you)

I got Jordan to write me an aim client, it's been completely
usable for a little while now, and seems to do pretty well
living in screen. It has been madly useful during these
recent (now past) times of one computer which wanders
around town with me.

Along those lines. I have a new laptop. IBM Thinkpad R40.
It got dropped by my house thursday evening and I have
been in super-new-shiny mode since then. So nice to have
a new screen and new everything else, considering I've been
living in hand-me-down computer land forever and ever.

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June 13, 2004

caffeine addicts anonymous

Hi, My name is Candice, and I get massive headaches when I forget
my coffee. Not working apparently equals to forgetting caffeine.

Saturday morning I watched the sun rise while driving back across
the river. It's been too long since I'd seen that time of day.

music: Peter Schilling: Major Tom

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June 11, 2004

heathen power!

So this afternoon about one something I was sitting out back in the
sun reading and drinking vodka tea, for no other reason than it's my
first day off in months. There is no more long commute, no more
tongue biting "i am a happy little heathen" and things are good.

Tonight we drink. Richard and I both are celebrating new jobs, and
have plans to be in the quarter somewhere most of the evening.

Put links to these up a while ago but forgot to post them, half of
yall have seen these from IM already but hey.

mardi gras, lake backyard and susie (cute susie picture)

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