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July 09, 2004

I am in food snob heaven

So, at the moment, I work alone in downtown New Orleans.
My office is a couple blocks from so much good food it's
insane. Closest is the little pho "fast food" place, which I
can see from the window in my office, and it goes up from
there, a few restaurants per street or block sometimes, and
a triple-d a five block walk away.

So I started out on a restaurant-trying mission. I had some
help from egon and sarah when they were in town, eating in
the quarter and uptown as well, and the first three weeks I
managed thirteen restaurants, nineteen meals, and didn't run
out of money. This week has been a 'repeats' week, going
back to known-good-things, like heading down S. Rampart
to Italian Pie just now for this calzone that nearly has me in
a food coma as I type this.

The list, condensed, and minus going to eat in Place St Charles
out of sheer laziness:
purple roses-viet takeout, steve's diner, italian pie, o'henrys,
dixie gyro, poboy+gumbo on bourbon somewhere, mother's,
igor's garlic clove, asia's orchid (sushi), crazy johnnies
mother clucker's, houston's, n.o. hamburger+seafood

music: Portishead

candice at July 9, 2004 12:02 PM


So you like Viet food?

I love coming up with names for Pho places, using either "FOE" or "PHUH" sounds ;)

On one trip I took, I tried to get Pho in every city / large town I stopped in ... the range was from OK to Yummy, but no one place leaps out. I think it's cool that Pho is everywhere, though -- including, need I say, in El Paso.


Posted by: tim at July 18, 2004 08:30 PM

Yes on the vietnamese food. Where I grew up across the river there's an area of town labelled "Little Saigon", so there's plenty of good stuff of that variety around.

That pho place in particular is all of four buildings from my office, dangerously close territory. ;)

Posted by: candice at July 18, 2004 08:55 PM

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