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July 31, 2004

season closed

The google-trap experiment is now closed. Amusement
at the hands of search results is not worth the trouble of
useless weblog spam.

music: barking susie

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July 17, 2004

new addiction

(username candice, rssfeed up there, etc.)

links of the week or so:
BBC - Japan holds ex-chess star Bobby Fischer
Man finds out he's dead from his blind wife
Janet Cardiff: A Sound-Art Project that Reconfigures Central Park
God Rocks! (Harpers.org)
Seeing the world on ten coffees a day
Dictionary of Algorithms and Data Structures
'Virgin Birth' ad for Japanese Open Source Office Suite
Athiests for Jesus!
The Red Meat Construction Set
gladwell dot com / The Social Life of Paper
The Oldest Escher Collection on the Web
1902 vibrator for-sale ad
bbc photojournal - iraqi ballet teacher

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July 12, 2004

long-playing albums

Why is it that "older" people try to make lame in-jokes about "kids these days"
not knowing what records are? I've had people ask me "do yall even know
what those are?", and I had my own portable record player in a red box to
play read-along records and sesame street records on in the 80s. "Kids
these days" watch dj's spin vinyl on tv and in clubs all the time, y'know?

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July 09, 2004

I am in food snob heaven

So, at the moment, I work alone in downtown New Orleans.
My office is a couple blocks from so much good food it's
insane. Closest is the little pho "fast food" place, which I
can see from the window in my office, and it goes up from
there, a few restaurants per street or block sometimes, and
a triple-d a five block walk away.

So I started out on a restaurant-trying mission. I had some
help from egon and sarah when they were in town, eating in
the quarter and uptown as well, and the first three weeks I
managed thirteen restaurants, nineteen meals, and didn't run
out of money. This week has been a 'repeats' week, going
back to known-good-things, like heading down S. Rampart
to Italian Pie just now for this calzone that nearly has me in
a food coma as I type this.

The list, condensed, and minus going to eat in Place St Charles
out of sheer laziness:
purple roses-viet takeout, steve's diner, italian pie, o'henrys,
dixie gyro, poboy+gumbo on bourbon somewhere, mother's,
igor's garlic clove, asia's orchid (sushi), crazy johnnies
mother clucker's, houston's, n.o. hamburger+seafood

music: Portishead

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July 06, 2004

acts of incredible coolness

I was waiting to pull out onto Veterans the other day (which, for the
non-new orleans among us, is a six lane monster with trees, water,
grass, and u-turns in the center), and just as the traffic cleared, saw
two kids standing by the side of the road. One of them leaped out
into the street and did a one-handed handstand on the first white
line inbetween lanes.

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July 03, 2004


Last night someone gave me a firecracker as if it were a rose.
Don't even know his name.

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