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August 31, 2004


This is what happens when I get ahold of that doll-maker
and my experimental mailserver is frustratingly broken.

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August 27, 2004

Friendly Vodka

So yesterday evening earlyish I decided I needed to go
check out the Bar Of Many Vodkas. (Rasputin's, by Lafayette
Square Park). Black and red and my god, the entire bar is
lined with pour-spouted bottles of happy clear drunkness.
Six or seven dollars per drink excepting the low-end american
junk, the vodka list has damned near everything. It's a bit
'after-work' ish in there from downtown, but I was dressed
the part yesterday so it was alright. I suppose when I go
back I'll ask them to dig up that Irish vodka for me.

music: "jamaican death metal" (radio)

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August 26, 2004

long week

A phone conversation last night reminds me that I should
apologize for being so annoyingly chatty, it's half the fault
that I live by myself with only the dog to talk to and that
I usually work in an office/lab type space alone as well.
A little too much solitude sometimes. I've been a little
rocky lately, some bad and disappointing days.


I've got a working sparcbook sitting at home now, waiting
for a cable so it can have intarweb. Mad props to the
postman who delivers my mail to the lab, he actually went
back to the post office to find it for me after he'd delivered
all our mail up here. I'd gone over there monday night to
ask for said package already and they told me they didn't
have the thing.

You people all need to come to Voodoo this year with me.
At the very least I want to make day 1.

music: STP: Interstate Love Song (radio)

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August 22, 2004

crepes and television

The Brennan's have a crepe stand on Bourbon Street that is the
absolute best thing ever. Heavenly fresh crepes.

Cox is trying to convince me to buy digital cable by putting vh1
classic on their preview channel and playing Siouxsie.

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August 20, 2004

two posts in two days

Amazing. Now I have a fixed car with some but not too much
pain to the wallet, at least. I don't have a stretch of road good
for redlining the car to really test the thing but I'm sure I can
take advantage of good onramps.

And work. Just when my sparcbook is supposed to get to my
office I'm not there for two days, too. Suppose I'll go downtown
this evening after the meters shut off.

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August 19, 2004

no car for me

It feels so weird to be home without my car in the driveway.
Now at least I -have- a driveway mind you, but my car's
engine is behaving annoyingly so it is waiting to be looked
at early tomorrow morning. Now my problems are more
along the lines of being low on beer and dog treats.

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August 15, 2004


This would have been a lovely weekend for a roadtrip, but no one cares
for me enough to host me anyway. And fuck all you people going to
summer camping too. ;p

Anyway. To compensate my bitchy self, friday night involved not one
but two rounds of drinking, the first involving a couple pitchers of
margaritas at dinnertime, the second starting in the quarter about 2am
and leaving at 5 or so.

The gorgeous weather persuaded me to take susie for a walk on the
lakefront yesterday, making some progress on operation Be Less Pale.

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August 12, 2004

bizarro world

It is 78 degrees outside. In New Orleans. In August.


music: local rock station crap

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August 05, 2004

Hell's Drink Fountain

A badly ordered list generated by a phone conversation this evening.
Suggestions welcome.

Catholics - Coke Classic
Episcopals - C2
Mormons - Tab
Baptists - Pepsi
Southern Baptists - Pepsi One
Pentecostals - RC Cola
Universal Unitarians - 7up
Lutherans - Diet Coke
Puritans - Crystal Pepsi
Presbyterians - Dr. Pepper
Methodists - Diet Dr. Pepper
Jews - Ice
Muslims - Unsweet Tea
Buddhists - Chinese Hot Tea
Hindus - English Tea

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August 02, 2004

home improvement baghdad style?

I am so not kidding. And if the christian science
monitor had open archives I'd actually check back.

In other random news, some documentation I'm going
through (for a current product) mentions the RUBOUT

music: Morcheeba

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