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August 26, 2004

long week

A phone conversation last night reminds me that I should
apologize for being so annoyingly chatty, it's half the fault
that I live by myself with only the dog to talk to and that
I usually work in an office/lab type space alone as well.
A little too much solitude sometimes. I've been a little
rocky lately, some bad and disappointing days.


I've got a working sparcbook sitting at home now, waiting
for a cable so it can have intarweb. Mad props to the
postman who delivers my mail to the lab, he actually went
back to the post office to find it for me after he'd delivered
all our mail up here. I'd gone over there monday night to
ask for said package already and they told me they didn't
have the thing.

You people all need to come to Voodoo this year with me.
At the very least I want to make day 1.

music: STP: Interstate Love Song (radio)

candice at August 26, 2004 02:35 PM


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