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September 30, 2004

uber-hotness of the day

Just went by a shell station with a deep cherry red lamb
parked out front. Sexy.

Last time I saw one of these it turned out to be a very
good sign, hopefully things will keep working out.

music: Reverend Horton Heat: It's Martini Time

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September 19, 2004

'main' is usually a function

Gotta love compiler warnings. Trying to cut the warnings
down a few levels on some client's code. That's my favorite.

Yesterday I started the refinishing project on this. The take
stain off procedure is a bit of a pain. Once it's all finished
it will go in my front hallway.

Went to a dance class today, much tiredness now.

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September 17, 2004


New ballet shoes, sewing the damned elastic on five times
until it works right and is even on both shoes.

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September 16, 2004

candice 1, hurricane 0

I'm home, and got hit on at the grocery store while buying
beer. Business as usual. My parents are cleaning up
various tree carnage at their house.

Traffic on the causeway on the way back realized that the
cops weren't giving tickets, and the driving speed was up
to about 75.

music: (Fuse) "Where's the miniskirt, made of snakeskin?"

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Okay, who else played the Beavis and Butthead game?
(from MTV's Virtual Stupidity software ~1995-6)

It's findable on old cnet and abandonware sites, and
hitting the squirrel is still a bitch. (This prompted from
finding Beavis and Butthead on MTV2 a couple fridays

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Energy Drink for Americans

I so wish I was kidding, but I found it at the grocery store
the other day, there was a big display stand of the crap.

For the crazy flag hat people.

There's a website, but it's so badly designed it looks fake,
and doesn't show the side of the can.

music: (VH1 Classic) Everybody Wang Chung Tonight

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September 14, 2004

The sweet sound of powertools

Everyone who hasn't already is cutting plywood to board
up their windows. Now at my parents' house north of
New Orleans, at least I'm above sea level here. Looking
out the windows and seeing plywood is really strange.

If it stays on the current track I can stay here, but we
may have to head north tomorrow morning. Susie and
I in one car and my parents and daisy in another.

After that, who knows, all I can do is watch tv and hit

music: Duran Duran: A View to a Kill

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September 13, 2004

Dear Hurricane Ivan

Florida, not New Orleans, please.

Might be skipping out as early as Tuesday morning, they
are already closing interstates and making plans to convert
them to all-north.

Most of the gas stations are out of gas and closed already,
and the rest are at higher grades only and have lines. Woo!

music: local news

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September 12, 2004

Last Sunday

I got around to mix-cd making. The idea was 100 songs
each from a different artist that were sitting around the
hard drives. There are some glaring omissions from my
collection here but it's still amusing and catchy. First
round I forgot that my car stereo sorts with ascii.

100 tracks

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this story

so made my day the other day. May it brighten yours.

article (demographic-thing "login" requested)

A hilarious account of said event.

I love home, we have parties for potholes.

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September 07, 2004

The heat must be getting to me

because I'm starting to mock the bugs. "You are a pathetic tiny excuse
for a roach. Just wait until I go get shoes on."

I remember experiencing Northern summers and being surprised that
the tap water was still cold in July.

Today was cool, I made things work and I had good barbecue and good
vietnamese noodles. A nice fireman jumped my car for me in the afternoon
so that I didn't get stuck in the warehouse district too.

I now have digital cable, with the package full of mtvs. mtv hits and vh1
mega hits and vh1 classic have no commercials and nothing but videos.

Blue jeans and high heels. (the black ones. duh.)

music: The Killers: Somebody told me

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September 01, 2004

dear gnu

It is 2004. Why does library link order still matter?

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