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October 06, 2004

vodka? Da!

So, what I was going to post this morning when the drinks
wore off instead of waking up to bad news was that last
night was weird.

I went to pick up a friend of mine here from the bus station
downtown in the evening. It's about 9:30 or so, and I don't
have to work the next morning early, so I'm like, hey, we
need a drink. Head to around lower decatur and actually
find parking fast (this was a tuesday, but it is the quarter),
and wander into one of the holes in the wall down that way.
Richard of course makes fun of me for getting carded as
usual, and we settle into weird jukebox music and booze.

About an hour in, what sits down next to us? Two sailors,
one from Russia and the other from Latvia, neither of whom
speak much English but they do know what they want to drink.
We had fun playing against the communications barriers and
with the fact that Richard took a year of Russian in highschool
and remembers tiny bits of it while drunk. They were wanting
to hear A-Ha and Deep Purple on the jukebox, both of which
were absent (thank something.)

Wandered home late and got woken up by the phone. Rambles.

I need another drink.

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the other shoe

it always drops.

I was supposed to start this morning, and so many things
would be on their way to being fixed.

I'm about to start drinking and it's only 10am but I need
to wait cause I have a headache from last night.

So not working today now. I need somebody's head on
a platter and compensation for all the scrounging I did
last week to get things in order which I no longer have
to do. Fuck people.

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October 03, 2004

I feel like amy wynn

or any one of the chick carpenters on TLC. Yesterday
went up to my parents house to work on the damned piece
of furniture, and made said observation upon walking into
the house in blue khakis, black tank top, and a denim shop
apron. The girls are all brunettes except the one on In A Fix.

I understand very well now why they paint all the furniture
on those design shows. From finished to unfinished was around
8 hours work spread over three weekends, and my mom
helped to sand some of it. Next round is finish sanding and
stain, hopefully.

Woke up this morning to a work crisis that is annoying
the hell out of me, hopefully dance class will lighten my
spirits later on.

music: Modjo: Lady (hear me tonight)

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October 01, 2004

Dear something,

grant me the serenity to not kill my clients or my friends.

I will be making friends with Sir Grey Goose tonight at 2600
if anyone needs to find me.

Also. If they're the ones doing a background check, why am
I the one scrounging up information with zero lead time?

music: Southern Culture on the Skids: Walk Like a Camel

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