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December 21, 2004

messy problems

Timing problems with dirty input are driving me mad.
Adding in delays at certain spots sometimes fixes it, and
running through truss or gdb nearly always does, slowing
down the program enough to help itself. (Non-blocking
curses-based i/o, on a frontend that runs over ssh, is
used to flush the buffers, before anyone tells me about
that, and i'm adding in delays too.)

While my head is in codespace and I'm still being amused
at my lone coworker getting to eat crow over his logic
again, I had intended to mention this a few days ago:

glibc has a backtrace function. It's not in the manpages,
it might be in the info files, but really, I don't have three
weeks to learn emacs commands just to read a goddamn
manpage when it's online. I spliced this into the exception
handler that sends me mail and fails whenever something
strange happens, and it is all manner of happiness.

music: Soundgarden: Black Hole Sun
(Yes, more music from highschool. I bought used cds.)

candice at December 21, 2004 03:59 PM


Heh. Give blaz the whatfor (if that's him you're talking about.)

Posted by: xiitone at December 22, 2004 01:10 PM

Yeah... Sometimes he doesn't believe me when I say things don't work and has to go off and learn that they are broken on his own. It's all good though.

Posted by: Anonymous at December 22, 2004 05:13 PM

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