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January 30, 2005

bead-hungry zombies

I have no idea how long it's been since I've been to an
Uptown parade in New Orleans, a guess would say at least
twelve or fifteen years. Went to two last night, caught a
respectable pile of shiny plastic junk, and went out to go
discuss some problems with beer.

Work has been a bit overwhelming this week, and I have
a bunch of stuff I'm going to stay in today and try to get
finished. Ballet has been good, the friday class I've been
taking got moved into the big studio, so class is much less
frustrating from a space angle.

music: Blind Melon: No Rain (the bee girl video on vh1 hits)

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January 23, 2005


I have learned, for the sake of my sanity, that I need to get home
at that time or later at least once a month.

Also. I know it's not snowing like no tomorrow here, but it has
been a really long time since I've been out drinking in sub-freezing
temperatures with windchills in the teens. (So yes, it even managed
to get a bit cold here.) It was also 75 degrees earlier today, an almost
rochester-like insane shift in temperature.

First parades of the year, yay Mardi Gras!

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January 19, 2005

my sentiments exactly.

The first review on this week's Black List sums up my
frustration with constantly registering for things very,
very well. I use three browsers every day and at this
point I just won't read anything on the NYT, Washington
Post, or any others that want the sun and moon to read
one article, once a month. I'll head back to the ap wire
and find the damn thing myself.

music: No Doubt: Don't Speak
(Oh yeah, and I've lost my voice. This SUCKS.)

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January 17, 2005

on cable mangling

Sometimes a $5 tape measure and a coathanger works
better than a $60 nylon cable fish. Managing to outdo
two other contractors, who actually run cable for a living
as opposed to hacks like ourselves is just great.

music: The Breeders: Cannonball

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January 16, 2005

talk me out of this

So there's this 928 I'm looking at on ebay right now.
Which I can afford (somewhat) and therefore have a
fun project car to play with. I'm so antsy about the
civic and rather tired of it and rust and driving a car
that should belong to an asian teenager. My dad will
probably talk me out of it in the morning.

music: Weezer: Say it aint so

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January 13, 2005


Now that I've gone and either lost or disgusted everyone with
code flavored mumbo-jumbo, I have a request:

Comment at me with the url to your delicious page if you have
one. You should make one, they're lovely for keeping stuff to
read straight between browsers and link scumming.

Need more content, need synced rss readers, need people...

music: Blur: Boys & Girls

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January 11, 2005

O function pointer,

where art thou?

I have learned to accept that these things are function pointers:
if( ( lc2=(JFf[lc].ptf)(JFf[lc].lc) ) != 666 ) leads to
if( Blah[lc]) leads to
fn(42) which decides which arguments to exec with and forks.

But I'm still struck at the sheer madness I went through to actually
follow a fork into another binary in gdb. Useful commands include:
'set follow-fork-mode child', 'catch exec', (did you know that when you
have a secondary binary open in gdb you can't attach to it with another
process to get symbols easily?), following that by a 'symbol-file binary',
to load in binary#2.

music: yuppies at coffeehouses.

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January 06, 2005

visual revision history

So I have a lot of whiteboard up at the lab sitting above
and next to my desk. I keep the whiteboard I can reach
when sitting (a 4x8 piece of tileboard) full of todo lists for
projects. Now that I have camera of incredible smallness
on me all the time, I can take a picture of it when I leave
for the day and don't intend to be back at that desk for a
day or two. (As in, weekends and working at the little
office they gave me in the warehouse district.) I've built
up a directory of dated whiteboards, which means I always
have some clue as to what has been on the lists recently,
and I can leave notes on it and be able to look at them later,
so long as I have my thinkpad around.

I find the giant whiteboard works better than keeping a todo
list in software because well, it's in front of me for N hours
per day, it gets looked at.


music: Catherine Wheel (vh1 classic - the alternative)

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shades of black

If anyone was curious about this new "Cheer for Darks" laundry
detergent, it appears to be working pretty well so far. I've been
testing it with new little black tshirts which are dark dark after a
few rounds so far.

music: She fell in love, with the drummer...

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January 05, 2005

the General Lee is in town

Apparently they are closing streets near both places I work
at the end of this week and this weekend to film car chase
scenes. I have half a mind to go hang out on the roof and
see what goes on.

Also. Under no circumstances should a hip-hop song ever
sample the intro to Crazy Train and make it into their hook.
This hurts. Thank you MTV hits and "Trick Daddy."

music: Suzanne Vega: Tom's Diner

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January 02, 2005


Onward. It's been a long holiday, glad that it's over.

Spent since Thursday with some food poisoning-esque
stomach bug, starting to get over it some more today.
Took it easy on newyears, I just went out to la fee for
a few and I got the best parking space ever. Visiting
both grandmothers' houses when you can't eat very
much rather sucks.

Big things soon are applying to school (since our
company will pay for it, sweet!) and once taxes are
paid this year I'm going to start looking for a new car.
Preferably something small and fast with working a/c
and no rust. I'm tempted to join the two-seater club.

This year's new food tally since june: 43 restaurants.
Shooting for at least 60 this coming year.

music: Mr. Oizo: Flat Beats

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