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January 11, 2005

O function pointer,

where art thou?

I have learned to accept that these things are function pointers:
if( ( lc2=(JFf[lc].ptf)(JFf[lc].lc) ) != 666 ) leads to
if( Blah[lc]) leads to
fn(42) which decides which arguments to exec with and forks.

But I'm still struck at the sheer madness I went through to actually
follow a fork into another binary in gdb. Useful commands include:
'set follow-fork-mode child', 'catch exec', (did you know that when you
have a secondary binary open in gdb you can't attach to it with another
process to get symbols easily?), following that by a 'symbol-file binary',
to load in binary#2.

music: yuppies at coffeehouses.

candice at January 11, 2005 08:14 PM


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