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January 06, 2005

visual revision history

So I have a lot of whiteboard up at the lab sitting above
and next to my desk. I keep the whiteboard I can reach
when sitting (a 4x8 piece of tileboard) full of todo lists for
projects. Now that I have camera of incredible smallness
on me all the time, I can take a picture of it when I leave
for the day and don't intend to be back at that desk for a
day or two. (As in, weekends and working at the little
office they gave me in the warehouse district.) I've built
up a directory of dated whiteboards, which means I always
have some clue as to what has been on the lists recently,
and I can leave notes on it and be able to look at them later,
so long as I have my thinkpad around.

I find the giant whiteboard works better than keeping a todo
list in software because well, it's in front of me for N hours
per day, it gets looked at.


music: Catherine Wheel (vh1 classic - the alternative)

candice at January 6, 2005 10:50 PM


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