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February 13, 2005

little fragments+rantlet

I now have a clean washed susie, after much wrestling
to get her into the shower. I don't have a bathtub at
this house which makes washing her a bit harder.

Friday was the 11th, which two years ago with the help
of Sercu, Kurt, and Mike Felice, I bought the civic and we
took Sarah out for her 21st birthday. Having to learn how
to drive stick in Rochester winter sucked but it ended up
worth it, as much as she annoys me the car is fun to drive.

I don't know how I am apparently the kind of girl that
doesn't like getting flowers, but people get that impression.
So let me set this straight: I like getting flowers. I'm not
too un-girly, I wear skirts, I wear heels again now that I'm
out of rochester and don't have to wear boots all winter.
(Even my laptop wears heels sometimes.)

So happy evil red day, love you all. ;)

music: Rammstein: Zwitter

candice at February 13, 2005 01:14 PM


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