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March 31, 2005

dilemma of sandals

I've spent most of tonight beautifying systems code and
making pretty stack traces and looking at registers. All
the spare cycles in my head right now are attempting to
figure out what the hell to wear to my first cousin's wedding
on Saturday.

I have these sandals which are awesome, and lace up
above my ankles, however, they tend to be the recipient
of various catcalls and "hey baby nice shoes" out of people
on the street whenever I wear them. Annoying. So they're
a bit much. The option of buying new sandals is cramped
by the fact that it's tax season.

Probably just going to go with the heels the laptop wears
(posted earlier) and a pale khaki pleated skirt and one of
many black blouses. (I can't wear all black, it's a wedding.)
Opinions? Suggestions for a wedding down da bayou?

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March 29, 2005


I'm interrupting the normal technology and girly crap
ranting to show yall pictures of my granny's new puppy.

It's a miniature dachshund with a little bit of chihuahua,
and she's about four months old at this point. So cute.

Also. It's 74 and sunny out and I'm working outside.

music: Hooverphonic: Mad about you

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March 28, 2005

stupid program,

Please do not attempt to compile things which require root
permissions such as "kernel sources". I don't care if you
purport to be a "driver", build by yourself for chrissake.
Good programs don't go off writing into system directories
when I type make, with no warning in the readme/install
files. The whole Linux kernel thing is annoying enough to
deserve a book worth of rants, but I won't go there now.

music: The Bravery: An Honest Mistake

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March 27, 2005

victoria sucks

The stupid thing fit, even though it came up too high, because
they don't make bras in my size that are for skinny people,
and it's three weeks old and the damn wires started coming out.
Fuck it, it's going back.

music: Garbage: Why do you love me?

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March 24, 2005

this is gonna be a series

"I need your keys, babydoll."
(Ugh, I hate valet parking. Babydoll? My grandmother
calls me that.)

I'm trying to remember exactly what the flowershop boy
said, while I was chatting with the lady who runs the little
deli on Julia St. He was funny though, offering me roses.

music: Olive: Safer Hands

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March 22, 2005

woo stack trace!

I find that I can actually just grab the stack of the program
and index it back up against the binary later to get a stack
trace. Might even be able to run against stripped and
match against symbol-containing. Now I just have to go and
automate all this framework so I can grab the stack at
intervals instead of using a debugger and having all kinds
of crap loaded and being slow.

It needs a name, even though right now it's just a hack with
/proc, memgrep, and some binutils.

music: Beck: E-Pro

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March 21, 2005

if i were a rich girl...

Also, if I had an amazon wishlist, and they sold this sort
of thing, this would be on it. My kingdom to not have to
wash utensils by hand or try to get iced tea stains out of
glasses. (No, diluting the tea with vodka still ends up with
stained pint glasses. I've tried.)

Thinking of doing a half.com wishlist to remember music
that I intend to pick up for dirt cheap later, though.

music: Whose line is it anyway?

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March 20, 2005

teaching debugging

I cooked this up (slightly modified) for one of my clients
just now, and I figured I'd post it as it's useful information.

Basic gdb usage

music: Black Eyed Peas: Let's get retarded

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March 12, 2005

ferrari vs suv:

The other day on my way downtown I saw a late-model
silver ferrari "push" a ford expedition out of an offramp
into no-mans land. It totally made my morning. (Being
on the way to meetings, sometimes I need all the help
I can get there.)

Oh, and for waider, linus, bob, and the rest of my dear
guinness-heads: the local radio station was giving out
24-pack cases of it for Free Beer Friday today.

music: Hanayo: Joe le Taxi (radio soulwax)

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March 11, 2005

working at home is okay sometimes

At the moment I'm outside on my back steps watching the
dog attempt to get into trouble in the yard in bright blue
sky sunny weather. I forgot to mention for the dog people
reading that my dear beagle Daisy went under the knife
on Thursday to get tumors removed and is doing really
well now, so my mom says.

music: U2: All because of you

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March 06, 2005

graphic fragments

Went out friday night to have a few drinks after I got
out of ballet, missed 2600 (was -during- ballet class).
Saw what I swear is the flag for a very fast sexy pony
up on a balcony on Royal St. Also, there's a copy of
this for those who need to brush up on their Microsoft
while drinking.

Best overheard quote recently: "I'm higher than a sack of
motherfsckers." From a guy in a Miller Lite cowboy hat.

And I rant... I hate you Victoria.

music: Daft Punk: Human after all

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March 03, 2005

bottomless sources

It struck me a few minutes ago that there are three things
in particular at the moment that I doubt I'll ever run out of
material on. Bad code, Victoria's Secret, and pickup lines.

Rants on various of the above later.

music: Sublime: Santeria

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March 01, 2005

It's Susie Day!

I have had this crazy dog for four years.

At least she likes technology.

music: U2: Hold me thrill me kiss me kill me

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