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May 18, 2005

disneyworld in fast-forward

Trip pictures are here.

My sister and one of her friends flew in from Boston, and
my parents drove an RV down there. Julie is the short
one with brown curls, her friend Rachel is the redhead. I'm
the one with really really pale legs. My parents should be
obvious at this point. I still have really pale legs, but I
managed to sunburn my shoulders and my nose on Monday,
as I don't burn often enough to think to wear sunscreen.
It's been about ten years since my last one. Hello aloe.

Become one with your inner hood ornament. I drove
my dad's gigantic pickup truck all the way to Orlando on
Saturday, it was alright once I got used to the size of it,
and I still can't park it to save my soul, but it's a/c works.
The first couple hours were quite a bit of "okay, imaginary
hood ornament is there, wheel is here."

Sunday was a rollercoaster rampage, as we went to all
of the Magic Kingdom ones, then went over to MGM for
the resort-only late hours until midnight, and caught a
bunch of those too. Tower of Terror is kickass at night.
My dad and I leaned out of the rocketships that are on
top of a restaurant in tomorrowland to catch some cool
pictures, too. My favorite of the entire trip is this one
of the castle with smoke in front of it in the daytime.
I even managed to use my super-smoker-radar and find
one of the unmarked smoking areas at MGM at the end
of the day for a few.

Monday I split away from the crowd as they wanted to go
eat mexican food and went on a street food and drinking
wander through Epcot's world showcase. Drinking beer
wandering around Disneyworld is incredibly liberating.
We even managed to get good beer. (Spaten Optimator
over in the German pavilion, Kirin over in the Japanese.)
I got a really nicely framed picture of some sky over
in the Moroccan pavilion, looking up through rooftops.

Monday night I was still hyper for some reason, so I took
off and got almost to Tallahassee, crashed out in the truck
and kept driving Tuesday morning, getting me home in
the afternoon with plenty of time to laze around and unpack
and sleep.

music: Frank Sinatra: World on a string

candice at May 18, 2005 04:21 PM


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