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May 31, 2005

SCO is not random

Ok, so instead of ranting about what I am actually pissed
off about right now, I'm going to point out a side issue I
just learned the other day. I had some idea that the
random number generation on SCO was going to be bad,
but I had no idea it would be -this- bad. (And yes, well
aware that mktemp makes race conditions, same shit
happens with mkstemp.)

For a code fragment foo:

main() {
char *templ="LXXXXXX";
char *output;
return 0;

1st run: La003ET
2nd run: La003EU
3rd run: La003EV

(I am not motivated enough to figure out how to indent that
bit of code right now.) Sequential. Lovely. Even better?
Running that function twice, on either the same or different
template within the same process? Same results. Sweet.
I found this via file conflicts on supposedly random files,
when it "runs out" of random names to give you on its little
template or whatnot.

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May 25, 2005

what is your favorite gear?

Mine is third. Call this a survey, if you will.

(RSS people: non-livejournal mostly - drop me a comment
so that I know who you are? There are new aggregators
floating around that I don't recognize.)

music: Sublime: Santeria

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May 21, 2005

dog, I have ears

It's been a noisy day or so around my house. I got a call
from my landlady yesterday morning that I would be getting
a finished driveway poured, and they'd pour the other side
as well. People working on the house = dog in defense mode.
Dog in very loud defense mode. At least I'll get an entire
driveway and a built-up front yard out of the deal. (The stuff
pulled out for the driveway appears to have gone to make the
front yard higher. Not going to complain there, with luck, it
won't turn into a lake.)

music: Beck: Lost Cause

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May 18, 2005

disneyworld in fast-forward

Trip pictures are here.

My sister and one of her friends flew in from Boston, and
my parents drove an RV down there. Julie is the short
one with brown curls, her friend Rachel is the redhead. I'm
the one with really really pale legs. My parents should be
obvious at this point. I still have really pale legs, but I
managed to sunburn my shoulders and my nose on Monday,
as I don't burn often enough to think to wear sunscreen.
It's been about ten years since my last one. Hello aloe.

Become one with your inner hood ornament. I drove
my dad's gigantic pickup truck all the way to Orlando on
Saturday, it was alright once I got used to the size of it,
and I still can't park it to save my soul, but it's a/c works.
The first couple hours were quite a bit of "okay, imaginary
hood ornament is there, wheel is here."

Sunday was a rollercoaster rampage, as we went to all
of the Magic Kingdom ones, then went over to MGM for
the resort-only late hours until midnight, and caught a
bunch of those too. Tower of Terror is kickass at night.
My dad and I leaned out of the rocketships that are on
top of a restaurant in tomorrowland to catch some cool
pictures, too. My favorite of the entire trip is this one
of the castle with smoke in front of it in the daytime.
I even managed to use my super-smoker-radar and find
one of the unmarked smoking areas at MGM at the end
of the day for a few.

Monday I split away from the crowd as they wanted to go
eat mexican food and went on a street food and drinking
wander through Epcot's world showcase. Drinking beer
wandering around Disneyworld is incredibly liberating.
We even managed to get good beer. (Spaten Optimator
over in the German pavilion, Kirin over in the Japanese.)
I got a really nicely framed picture of some sky over
in the Moroccan pavilion, looking up through rooftops.

Monday night I was still hyper for some reason, so I took
off and got almost to Tallahassee, crashed out in the truck
and kept driving Tuesday morning, getting me home in
the afternoon with plenty of time to laze around and unpack
and sleep.

music: Frank Sinatra: World on a string

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May 10, 2005

swamp croquet

So I was at my grandma's house last sunday or so for a
crawfish boil, and next to the usual horseshoes game some
of my cousins set up a game of croquet. In cajun country.
You have to drive through a ton of swamp highway to get
to this house, it's in a new subdivision called Bayou Crossing.

I'm like, -my- coonass cousins play croquet. Croquet. A
game played with tea and scones, not fresh boiled crawfish
and crabs and budweiser. My dad managed to get a picture,
complete with swamp behind the backyard.

music: Stone Temple Pilots: Big Empty

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May 07, 2005

wind me up....

This week has been genuinely strange, and tiring. Finally
got to catch up on some sleep today. Now I need to start
various house-prep stuff for leaving at the end of next week,
and work and other stuff.

I'm going to be taking my dad's truck out to florida, giant
thing that it is, it's a lot less troublesome than my car can
tend to be, and it's got working a/c all the time. Only real
problem with this idea is that I'm going to have to sit on my
left foot the entire time. Recent experience driving auto
transmissions has taught me that I'm very much used to
driving with two feet.

This whole vacation concept is strange, I haven't had a not
holiday day off since around last year when I switched jobs
and took a friday off to relax and drink vodka tea all day.

music: Louis XIV: Finding out true love is blind

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May 04, 2005

on ballet class...

Ok, so I take ballet way the hell down Magazine St. uptown, and the
door of the place opens straight onto studio space. Week before last,
class is going on, we're off doing our center work and stuff, and two
random fratboys open the door, "uhhhhh we're in the wrong place."
Karen (instructor) goes, "Apparently," and they backpedal out to the
sidewalk, "unless you would like to be Le Porteurs for us? Would you
care to lift any of us? You don't have to do anything else." The door
is quite well marked, and if nothing else, a motley crew of tights-clad
women somewhat visible from the window would definitely mean
ballet classes...

Otherwise, on Friday I took the end spot on the barre, and managed to
lead there the entire half-hour or so of barre work without fucking up!
That and my pattern-following skills are getting better, progress has
seemed so slow only going to class once a week.

music: The flaming lips: Do you realize

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May 01, 2005

rainy saturday

Wherein the candice learns how to remove dents in cars.
Took out the lining to the wheel well, pushed dent away,
put car back together, got lots of grease and road junk
onto hands and clothes in the process. (Whenever my
dad disappears in the direction of the shed with "I'm going
to go make a tool.", trouble is around.)

music: Jeff Buckley: Last Goodbye

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