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May 04, 2005

on ballet class...

Ok, so I take ballet way the hell down Magazine St. uptown, and the
door of the place opens straight onto studio space. Week before last,
class is going on, we're off doing our center work and stuff, and two
random fratboys open the door, "uhhhhh we're in the wrong place."
Karen (instructor) goes, "Apparently," and they backpedal out to the
sidewalk, "unless you would like to be Le Porteurs for us? Would you
care to lift any of us? You don't have to do anything else." The door
is quite well marked, and if nothing else, a motley crew of tights-clad
women somewhat visible from the window would definitely mean
ballet classes...

Otherwise, on Friday I took the end spot on the barre, and managed to
lead there the entire half-hour or so of barre work without fucking up!
That and my pattern-following skills are getting better, progress has
seemed so slow only going to class once a week.

music: The flaming lips: Do you realize

candice at May 4, 2005 12:53 AM


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