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September 29, 2005

older updates

I resurrected my old livejournal for the purpose of a post
storm diary when I got back online a week or so after the
storm, if anyone missed that.

Basic timeline here on the north side of disaster land.
Storm: August 29th.
Phone service restored: August 31, 10pm. Sortof.
Phone service stable enough for slow dialup: September 3rd.
Cellphone service: September 4th.
Regularly available gasoline: September 6th.
Functioning DSL: September 8th.
Power restored: September 14th.

I'm still stunned from seeing the city. Mind you, I
mostly just went through midcity, downtown, and the
quarter, but most of it was just so desolate and empty.
Quiet, no people, no traffic lights, boats scattered about,
water lines up 8 or 10 feet high in some places. I don't
think I have the stomach to see lakeview or the east yet.
It's the most depressing sight I have ever seen, and I
know I haven't seen the worst of it. The search and
rescue spraypaint on every house, the waterline halfway
up the front door on houses off the ground, the gutters
of downtown filled with broken glass, and the general lack
of humanity in the place. Everyone you saw waved to say
hello, like you needed to see another human to convince
yourself that you were still alive.

I have pictures to write short bits of story about, I've
taken somewhere around 170 pictures throughout this ordeal,
of my house, my parents', my uncle's out in Eden Isles, and
yesterday I was just leaning my camera out and shooting all
over, because I had to do something, it was so much to take.

Anyone have a place I can rent with the dog? I found my
landlady and gave her my keys, so I'm officially an internally
displaced person. I'm going to need to get out of disaster
land for a little while at some point, because other than day
trips to Baton Rouge, I've been here the whole time.

candice at September 29, 2005 11:13 PM


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